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Not My Job: Charles Frazier Gets Quizzed On Frasier Crane

On the road in Asheville, N.C., we ask Charles Frazier, the author of Cold Mountain, three questions about Frasier Crane, the fictional radio psychiatrist.

Barbershop Guys Take A Swing At Sports Controversies

The NFL slapped Philadelphia Eagle Riley Cooper on the wrist for an offensive slur he made off the field. But will his fellow players let him off so easily? The Barbershop guys weigh in on that and other sporting news.

Book News: Battle Rages On In Amazon Vs. Overstock Price War

Also, Orhan Pamuk on the novel, Sherman Alexie on having his book banned; Kelly Clarkson bought a ring owned by Jane Austen but can't take it out of the U.K.

Zwetschgendatschi, A Mouthful That Captures The Perfect Plum

Bavarian plum cake reminds Gesine Bullock-Prado of her mother and childhood split between Germany and the U.S. The dessert uses Damson plums, which are only in season for a short time each summer.

A Drama-Free Show For Black Women?

Reality television often portrays black women as drama queens. But a new talk show is hoping to challenge that image. Host Michel Martin speaks to actress Malinda Williams about co-hosting the new program Exhale on the Apsire network.

Tailor Ozwald Boateng On Songs That Inspire Style

Ozwald Boateng was the first black tailor to have a shop on London's prestigious Savile Row. His tailored suits now cost up to $30,000. For Tell Me More's 'In Your Ear' series, he shares the songs that inspire his dapper look.
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Small Town Brings Big City Theater to Virginia's Eastern Shore

For more than 25 years, the North Street Playhouse has been challenging theatergoers in the town of Onancock on Virginia's Eastern Shore.


Book News: The Smell Of Chocolate Boosts Book Sales, Study Says

Also: John Hodgman on Ayn Rand; J.K. Rowling to donate proceeds of new novel to charity; Fox News defends anchor's interview with the author of Zealot.

'Brony' Convention Takes Off Like Magical Winged Pony

In the 1980s, My Little Pony was a toy line and TV franchise aimed at little girls. These days, an expanding group of grown men are fans of the pastel-colored ponies. They call themselves "bronies." This weekend, thousands are heading to Baltimore for BronyCon 2013 — a big jump from the 100 who attended the convention two years ago.

Bodies On The Boardwalk: Murder Stirs A Sleepy Jersey Shore

When he was a kid, writer Chris Grabenstein loved tourist towns, so he set novels in one of his favorites — the Jersey shore. He says one of the great joys of writing is coming up with an interesting place to drop the body, like a roller coaster or a tilt-a-whirl.