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Taste Of Summer Finalist: Strawberry Trifle

Susan Jones has no shame in admitting that she's not the world's best cook. At her local historical society fundraisers, her treats would always be the ones left over. Then one windy day, everything changed.

Examining Jamaica's Homophobia

Jamaica is known for beaches and warm weather, but for many gay and lesbian people living on the island, it's a place of hatred. A new documentary, The Abominable Crime shines a light on homophobia and anti-gay violence in Jamaica.

The Gronkowskis On Raising A Family Of Champions

A lot dads dream of seeing their kids make it as pro athletes. But only Gordy Gronkowski can say he has three sons in the NFL, and a fourth who was a professional baseball player. Gordy and his sons talk about their new memoir Growing Up Gronk: A Family's Story of Raising Champions.

20 Really Great Royal Baby Titles For Classy Parents

If you need help naming a royal baby, we're here for you. And we'll be REALLY helpful.

Book News: Scrapbooks Of Hemingway's Childhood Made Public

Also: Sony wins lawsuit brought by owners of Faulkner's works; Kevin Maher on James Joyce's Dubliners.
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Leggett Wants Fillmore To Cancel Band's Performance Over Anti-Gay Lyrics

The Montgomery County Executive says that lyrics by the Mexican band Molotov are homophobic.


Living With Tragedy And Fright In A 'Beautiful Place'

Writer Howard Norman's memoir focuses on particular people and moments. His stories contain disturbing incidents, from the murder-suicide of a mother and her young son in his home, to the accidental death of a swan in the Arctic. He also tells of a strange, frightening and humorous Inuit shaman.

Comic Con-Goers Flaunt Their Geek Credentials

The annual convention in San Diego draws a robust crowd of nerds and fans. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR contributor Glen Weldon about the flourishing geek subculture.

The Tragic Tale Of A Killer Whale

Tilikum is a top-perfrming killer whale at Sea World. And he's responsible for the deaths of three trainers. Blackfish, a Sundance Official Documentary Selection by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, looks at the danger of keeping orcas in captivity. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with filmmaker Cowperthwaite and former Sea World trainer John Jett about the project.

The Price Of Fame: A Scrambled Name

Every answer is the name of a famous person, past or present, with five letters in the first and last names. One letter in each name is changed to make a new word. You name the people.