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'All-American Muslim': A Look At Five Very Different Families

TLC's All-American Muslim could feel like good-for-you television, but it works best as an intriguing and complex family story.

A Food Sculptor On Her Passion: 'The Cheese Found Me'

Sarah Kaufmann, in professional circles and beyond, is known as "the Cheese Lady." She's one of three professional cheese sculptors in the U.S., but she's also part of a growing group of artists bringing food art out of state fairs and into the mainstream.

Stephen King Plots To Save JFK In '11/22/63'

In King's latest novel, a high-school teacher travels back in time to try to stop an assassination that altered the course of American history. "11/22/63 was our 9/11," says King, who first thought of the idea for the book on the anniversary of President Kennedy's death in 1971.

A Four-Letter Word For Capital City

Every answer is the name of a world capital. You'll be given a four-letter word. The first two letters are the first two letters of the city's name, and the last two are the last two letters of the country's name. For example, if you were given "loin," the answer would be London, Great Britain.

Opposition To Nazis Binds French Women In 'Train'

In January 1943, 230 women of the French Resistance were sent to Auschwitz. Only 49 of them came back. Journalist Caroline Moorehead's latest book chronicles the bond between the women that enabled them to make it through.

Wal-Mart Heiress' Show Puts A High Price On Art

Alice Walton's long-awaited Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opens Saturday in Arkansas, and the art market is already feeling the impact of the Wal-Mart heiress and the money she's throwing at acquisitions. Not everyone is happy about it. NPR's Joel Rose reports.

Celebrity Lawyer Takes Spotlight In Cain Case

It seems like hardly a month goes by without seeing celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred on television. This week, Allred was in the news again, representing one of presidential candidate Herman Cain's sexual harassment accusers. Her bold use of media to call attention to her clients' causes has earned the respect of some, but the irritation of others. NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates has a profile.

'Mrs. Nixon' Reimagines An Enigmatic First Lady

Who was Pat Nixon? Aside from being the wife of President Richard Nixon — and a very private person — she remains mostly a mystery. Now, a new novel by Ann Beattie blends fact and fiction in an effort to sketch the life of the former first lady.

Not My Job: 'Family Guy' Creator Seth MacFarlane

We've invited MacFarlane to play a game called: "Five hours in the slammer will change a man." Three questions about celebrities doing jail time.