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How Writer Doris Lessing Didn't Want To Be Remembered

Author Doris Lessing died Sunday at the age of 94. Lessing won the 2007 Nobel Prize for literature for a life's work which included around 40 books and collections of essays and memoirs. Her book, The Golden Notebook, has been called the first feminist novel — a characterization Lessing rejected as "stupid."

J.J. Abrams On His Dynasty: Too Much Power For One Man

The television and film producer already has Mission: Impossible and Star Trek under his belt, and now he's taking on the 2015 installment of Star Wars. Abrams is also the executive producer of the new Fox show Almost Human. Plus, he released his first book in October, co-authored with writer Doug Dorst.

Secrets Mar The Gloss Of 'Youth' For These Heroines

Each of the young women in Laura van den Berg's The Isle of Youth is searching for significance in her life, troubled by the choices she's made. Their tales make up a collection of short stories written with cool aloofness. Critic Rosecrans Baldwin says that this book won't be for everyone — but for fans of detached prose, it's spectacular.
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D.C. Poet Laureate Celebrates 150th Anniversary Of Gettysburg Address

An event celebrating President Abraham Lincoln's famous speech will be held this Tuesday.


More Fun Than A Dead Rose

Every answer is a made-up, two-word phrase in which the vowel in the first word is a short "e" and the vowel in the second word is a long "o." For example: A place to meditate would be a "zen zone."

Bike Evangelist Wants To Put More Riders In The Low Seat

Recumbent bikes are said to be much more comfortable to ride than traditional bikes, but they're also more expensive. One Wisconsin man hopes to make the low-riding bikes more affordable by building them out of conventional bike parts.

MSG, Seasoned For A Comeback

Umami, that savory fifth taste, has become a sought-after flavor in the culinary scene, but the food additive that embodies it hasn't fared so well. Invented in 1908, vilified in the '70s, monosodium glutamate may be poised to ride the umami wave back to glory.

'Anything That Moves' Explores America's Extreme Food Culture

Author Dana Goodyear has spent a lot of time dining with foodies who champion bugs as a meal. And horses. And brains. Whales. Leaves. Weeds. Ash. Hay. Even plain dirt. Her new book documents the adventurous chefs and eaters who are redefining Americans' relationship with food.

Most-Traveled Man Hangs Up His Walkin' Shoes

Mike Spencer Bown has traveled and lived in every single country in the world, making him the most-traveled man, ever. He talked with host Rachel Martin about his 23-year-long adventure for Weekend Edition Sunday's travel segment, Wingin' It.

Father And Son Make A Slow Connection In 'Nebraska'

An elderly father and his son take a painfully long drive from Billings, Mont., to Lincoln, Neb., ostensibly to collect the million-dollar prize that the father thinks he's won. Host Rachel Martin talks with Nebraska director Alexander Payne.