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Toronto Film Festival Unveils Likely Awards Contenders

The Toronto International Film Festival is underway. Many likely Academy Awards contenders were unveiled at this year's festival.

Writer Mat Johnson On 'Loving Day' And Life As A 'Black Boy' Who Looks White

As a biracial child growing up in Philadelphia, Mat Johnson identified as black, but looked white. His latest novel is about a man returning to his childhood home. Originally broadcast June 29, 2015.

Oliver Stone Puts A Melodramatic Spin On 'Snowden' And The Surveillance State

Stone's new film presents the exiled former NSA contractor as a heroic whistle-blower. Critic David Edelstein says movie's take on Snowden is entertaining — but also a bit one-sided.

Hari Kondabolu Says His Mom Is Hilarious — And Not Because Of Her Accent

The immigrants rights organizer turned comedian won't impersonate his parents' Indian accents. For many people, he says, "immigrants are funny voices," and he's not interested in playing into that.
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'Noise, Body, Music' Brings Counterculture To Downtown Rockville

The new, multidisciplinary exhibit at VisArts takes an experimental approach with an emphasis on noise music and artwork by teenagers.

Despite Controversy, Dr. Oz Maintains Wide Appeal

Dr. Oz's television show has an enormous fan base, despite the fact that his health claims have come under attack by many in the medical profession. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with W. Douglas Evans, director of the Public Health Communication and Marketing Program at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, about the role that celebrity doctors play, and why Dr. Oz has such a loyal following despite the controversy surrounding him.

In Banned Books Scavenger Hunt, The Prize Is Literary 'Smut'

The D.C. public library has hidden books throughout the city in stores, libraries and cafes. They're covered in black dust jackets with labels like FILTHY, TRASHY and PROFANE. Can you find all six?

LeBron James Helps Young Entrepreneurs In 'Cleveland Hustles'

Small business entrepreneurs typically get money from family or friends. But an approach taken from the pages of Silicon Valley is being used in Cleveland. A new reality television show called Cleveland Hustles is the idea of basketball superstar LeBron James. The show documents this process as four companies try to create jobs and a business model that can be replicated across the country.

Jack Daniel's Heralds A Slave's Role In Its Origin Story

Jack Daniel learned how to make whiskey from a preacher. That's how the story goes. But a new figure is gaining prominence in the brand's corporate history.

Behold The Throne: There's A Golden Toilet At The Guggenheim

Museum-goers, prepare for "unprecedented intimacy with a work of art." Starting Friday, visitors will be able to use Maurizio Cattelan's America, a gold-cast, working toilet at the New York museum.