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After Thor, Marvel Announces Big Change To Captain America

Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, will carry Cap's shield. He's the second African-American to take on the iconic role. Also this week, Marvel announced that Thor will be female.
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House Concerts Bring Live Music To A D.C. Living Room Near You

If you want to see the next big thing in D.C. music, the nearest venue may be the living room next door.

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Out of the Vault and Into the Light: Precious Shakespeare Works to Tour U.S.

On the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, copies of his First Folio will exit the Folger Shakespeare Library vault and tour the nation.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, July 17

You can see work by three artists who are passionate about the materials they use, or you can see a musical about a little girl dealing with a difficult situation.


Does Donna Karan's Ramadan Line Border On Cultural Commodification?

From Donna Karan designing a line for Ramadan to the death of modeling agency pioneer Eileen Ford, The Washington Post's Robin Givhan talks about the latest news in fashion.

Viola Davis Gets Groundbreaking Role As ABC Bets On Diversity

This fall, ABC will offer its most ethnically diverse slate of new shows in recent memory. But getting people to talk freely about why that's happened is still difficult.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, July 16

You can see a musical that explores a sensitive topic through song and drama or see large-scale paintings by a visiting artist.


Comic Book News: Archie Shot And Killed

Archie Andrews will die in Wednesday's installment of Life with Archie. He will be killed during an assassination attempt on his friend, an openly gay politician named Kevin Keller.

The Grandes Dames Of The Sea Ply The Tuscan Waters

A most unusual regatta recently celebrated vintage yachts, some more than 100 years old, and a time when sailing the oceans depended on well-trained crews with little more than compass and sextant.

U.S. Customs Seize Giant African Snails Bound For Dinner Plates

Officials say the snails are "highly invasive, voracious pests" that eat paint and stucco off houses. But the snails are a prized delicacy in West Africa, where they're marinated or grilled on sticks.