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Barbershop: The New 'Birth Of A Nation,' Cam Newton And Beyonce

Blogger and writer Kara Brown, radio host Farajii Muhammad and The Root's Danielle Belton talk about the new film The Birth of a Nation, Cam Newton, and Beyonce and Chris Martin's new music video.

Not My Job: We Ask 'Madoff' Star Richard Dreyfuss About Fonzie Schemes

Since Dreyfuss will be portraying the financier behind a $65 billion Ponzi scheme, we'll see how much he knows about Arthur Fonzarelli on Happy Days.

Alexander Chee's Voice Shines Through In 'Queen Of The Night'

The long-awaited novel follows a famous opera singer on her journey of constant reinvention. Despite the 19th century France setting, Chee admits there are autobiographical elements.

'Downton Abbey' Composer Explains Theme Choices

For six seasons, the elegant, orchestral tone of the beloved TV series has been set by Scottish composer John Lunn, who has won two Primetime Emmys for the show's music.

Diane Rehm Finds New Life In The Profound Challenge Of Being Alone

For decades, she's hosted her own talk show — but one of her toughest struggles came with the pain of her husband's death. She tells NPR's Scott Simon how it inspired her fight for assisted suicide.

Art Forgery Trial Asks: Were Dealers Duped, Or Did They Turn A Blind Eye?

In 2011, New York City's oldest gallery was accused of selling paintings it now admits were forgeries. Plaintiffs say the gallery overlooked glaring problems with the paintings' backstories.
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Rosebud Film Festival Shows Off D.C. Region's Filmmakers

Local independent filmmakers show off their work Saturday during a film festival at the Naval Heritage Center in D.C.

We Sampled The Gastronomic Frontier Of Virtual Reality

Project Nourished uses a variety of tricks to fool the mind into thinking it's eating. The goal: to let us consume our favorite tastes without unwanted extras — like food allergens or just calories.

In 'Hail, Caesar!' Josh Brolin Explores The Debauchery Of Old Hollywood

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Josh Brolin about his role as a conflicted studio fixer in the new Coen brothers comedy Hail, Caesar! Brolin jokes about how the old Hollywood compares to the new.

Revisiting The Craft And Vision Of 'Graduate' Director Mike Nichols

The late director is the subject of a new PBS American Masters documentary. Another documentary about Nichols will be shown on HBO next month. Nichols spoke to Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 2001.