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The Beverages That Beguile Us, Through A Whole New Lens

Phoenix-based artist William "Bill" LeGoullon reveals our favorite Memorial Day beverages in detail under the microscope. We guarantee you'll never look at beer, wine and soda the same way again.
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Road Closures Abound For Memorial Day Weekend

Road closures abound for the bevy of parades in the D.C. area this weekend commemorating Memorial Day. Check out the parade routes so you can avoid getting stuck in your car.


Breaking Out Of A Web Of Fear

Reporting in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers write that a brief therapy session with people who had a lifelong phobia of spiders resulted in lasting changes to brain areas that process fear. A panel of experts discuss the results, debilitating fear and ways to overcome it.
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Ocean City's 'Summer Of Thanks' Begins This Weekend

Ocean City has enhanced slate of activities scheduled this year for their 'Summer of Thanks,' starting Memorial Day weekend with a laser light show, an arts and craft fair, and lots more.

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Virginia Wants Tourists To Go 'Old School' In Rural Towns

The Virginia Tourism Corporation has introduced a campaign for road trips which embraces the nostalgia of Virginia's small towns.


A Wes Anderson 'Kingdom' Full Of Beautiful Imagery

Wes Anderson's latest film is the story of a 12-year-old girl and boy who merge their imaginative worlds on an island off the coast of New England. Critic David Edelstein says Moonrise Kingdom will appeal to Anderson's longtime fans as well as anyone who appreciates good cinematography and design.

Examining 'The Leftovers,' After The Rapture

What if the rapture actually occurred? That's the plot of Tom Perrotta's novel The Leftovers, which examines the aftermath of an unexplained rapturelike event in which millions of people around the globe inexplicably disappear into thin air.

15 Summer Reads Handpicked By Indie Booksellers

Not sure what to read this summer? NPR's Susan Stamberg asked three booksellers to share their top five picks for the books you shouldn't miss. They recommend tales of con artists, grade-school spies, refugees and ranchers — plus an exploration of why stories make us human.
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Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, May 25

National College Dance Festival, Bachelorette, and Blast Off!


Mamma Mia! A Mother Tougher Than The Godfather

Mario Puzo isn't known for his strong female characters — but if you've read his pre-Godfather work, The Fortunate Pilgrim, you might think otherwise. Author Zoe Ferraris recommends this book, which is based on Puzo's own mother. Do you have a favorite literary matriarch? Tell us in the comments.