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Soccer Star Hope Solo On Loving Lost Parents

She's regarded as one of the best goalies in the world, and also as an outspoken player who doesn't mince words. In her newly-released autobiography, Solo discusses her passion for the game and talks about a mother and father who helped her succeed even as they faltered.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia Plays Not My Job

Mike Birbiglia gained fame with his monologues on This American Life. Now, along with TAL host Ira Glass, he's made one of his stories into a new movie called Sleepwalk with Me. He answers three questions about Julia Child, who would have turned 100 on Wednesday.
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Sand Sculptor Creates Art In Ocean City

Sand sculptor Randy Hofman has been making Ocean City a little more beautiful for over 30 years.


For A Better, Leaner Burger, Get To Know Your Proteins

Americans love burgers, but cooking leaner meats on the grill requires some scientific know-how. We turn to Cooking for Engineers blogger Michael Chu for some technical tips for success with leaner meats.

Coffee Is The New Wine. Here's How You Taste It

Specialty roasters increasingly are working directly with coffee growers around the world to produce coffees as varied in taste as wines. They're teaching their clientele to appreciate the subtle characteristics of brews by bringing cupping, an age-old ritual once limited to coffee insiders, to the coffee-sipping masses.
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Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, Aug 17

Tricksters and Truth Tellers, Dark Horse, and ‘Scapes.


Peaches, Beautiful And Fleeting, Thanks To Fuzzy Thin Skin

A summer peach is a seasonal treat, but why are they so hard to find for the rest of the year? As it turns out, that fuzzy, thin skin might be partially to blame for the fruit's finicky reputation.

Creating A Schwenker World, One Backyard Grill At A Time

It sounds a little dirty, but a schwenker is just a German word for a swinging grill that looks like a tripod, set over charcoal. Schwenker evangelists are spreading the word about this unique grill around the world.
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Gray Creates Commission To Court Caribbean Culture

The Caribbean Carnival and Festival fled to Baltimore this year after the District called in debt owed by organizers, but now Mayor Gray is establishing a commission to court them back.

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Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, Aug 16

The circus, belly dancing, and Turtle Recall are in town.