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Ocean City In Spotlight At Sundance, With Debut Of 'Ping Pong Summer'

Ocean City is abuzz with the news that 'Ping Pong Summer,' a film shot in the town and featuring a handful of locals, will debut at the Sundance Film Festival next month.


Noteworthy Names, In Rhyme

Every answer is the name of a famous person whose first and last names start with the same consonant or group of consonants. You're given rhymes for the two names. You name the people. For example, if given "cycle four," the answer would be "Michael Moore."

Woody Harrelson Does Bad Pretty Good

The actor leaves comedy behind to play the villain in Out of the Furnace. He spoke with NPR's Rachel Martin about the film and what it takes to play such a vicious and psychotic character.

Behind Great Art, The Artist's Painstaking Process

NPR's Bob Mondello looks at two documentaries — Six by Sondheim and Tim's Vermeer — that delve deep into the creation of art, whether it's a sprawl of Broadway songs or a 17th-century oil painting.

An 'Accidental Activist,' And England's World Cup Hope

Ozy co-founder Carlos Watson talks about a rising star in soccer who could turn things around for England in the 2014 World Cup, and a Bahraini woman who calls herself an 'accidental activist.'

'Pomegranate Lady' Depicts The Comedy And Tragedy Of Exile

Goli Taraghi writes about life in Iran — about love, loss, alienation and exile. She is particularly equipped to the task, as her own exile from the country began in 1980 at the outset of the Iranian Revolution. She discusses her latest collection of short stories, The Pomegranate Lady and Her Sons.

WATCH: Maya Angelou's Poem For Nelson Mandela

The U.S. State Department unveiled a tribute poem written by Dr. Maya Angelou for Mandela "on behalf of the American people."

Don't Call It Fanfic: Writers Rework Their Favorite Stories

When writers finish a book, they may think they've had the last word — but sometimes another writer will decide there's more to the story, or more to a background character. NPR's Lynn Neary explores the fine old literary tradition of writing new stories based on existing books.

Gillian Anderson On 'The Fall' And Getting Arrested In High School

The X-Files actor's latest project is a British police procedural in which she plays the enigmatic Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson. Anderson tells NPR's Scott Simon what drew her to Gibson as a character, and how her London roots contributed to her fateful nomination as most likely to get arrested in high school.

Not My Job: Nick Lowe Gets Quizzed On Peace, Love And Understanding

We ask the artist behind "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding" three questions about hilarious instances of human kindness.