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A Revealing '60s 'Portrait,' Opening Eyes In Theaters Again

Shirley Clarke's 1967 film Portrait of Jason has returned to theaters after a meticulous restoration. As a historian and a documentarian tell reporter Howie Movshovitz, it's as remarkable in many ways today as it ever was.

Paula Deen's Sons Speak Up, But Her Empire Further Crumbles

Bobby and Jamie Deen say their mother is the victim of character assassination. Their defense comes as the queen of Southern cooking continues to lose endorsement deals. But not all of Deen's business partners are abandoning her, nor are all her fans.

Book News: Author Of Controversial 'Seduction Guide' Apologizes

Also: Science fiction author and screenwriter Richard Matheson has died; John McEnroe has a book deal.

As Demographics Shift, Kids' Books Stay Stubbornly White

Nearly a quarter of all public school kids are Latino, but only 3 percent of kids' books are by or about Latinos. There's a similar dearth of Native American, black and Asian characters. Why? One editor says librarians, with their high demand for multicultural books, don't drive best-seller lists.

Author Richard Matheson, 'I Am Legend' Writer, Dies At 87

Science fiction author Richard Matheson's work included The Shrinking Man, I Am Legend, and numerous TV and movie scripts. For five decades, his work injected a sense of humanity into science fiction.

Sandwich Monday: Zombie Burger

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa. It does not serve brains — but does offer a timely "World War B" burger. The B stands for bacon, but if you like your sandwiches handsome, you can imagine it stands for Brad Pitt.

Macy Gray: 'I Still See My Voice As Odd'

Multiplatinum-selling artist Macy Gray has one of the most distinctive voices in the music industry, and yet she's still in turmoil about it. She talks with host Michel Martin about her voice, creative process, and new tour with saxophonist David Murray.
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'Blair Witch' Director Hoping To Film At Abandoned Frederick Mall

The director of 1999's "Blair Witch Project" wants to come back to Maryland to film his next movie.


Book News: The FBI Monitored Mexican Writer Carlos Fuentes

Also: Lemony Snicket on storytelling; the best books coming out this week.

An Ever-Changing L.A. Links Walter Mosley To His Midcentury P.I.

Six years ago, the mystery writer sent Easy Rawlins off a cliff, seemingly killing him off; now, Easy's back on the streets his creator once called home. Mosley says other than Los Angeles, he and his detective hero don't have much in common, but NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates begs to differ.