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'Borgen' Is Denmark's 'West Wing' (But Even Better)

Critic John Powers says that Borgen, a Danish TV series about a woman who unexpectedly becomes Denmark's prime minister is "irresistibly bingeable." The third and final season has just been released on DVD.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, February 4

You can see a blues concert tonight or see a play that lends an interesting twist to a classic fairy tale.


On Philip Seymour Hoffman, And His Many Appearances

So many of the actor's roles dealt in appearances and self-doubt. Perhaps you don't get that good at communicating insecurity without knowing a little something about those things.

Wikipedia Archiving Voices So You'll Always Know How Celebs Sound

Because the sound of someone's voice can draw you to them in a different — and sometimes stronger — way than a photograph, Wikipedia editors are adding voice clips to the biographical entries for famous figures.

A Viewing Guide For The Overwhelmed Olympic Fan

With less than a week to go until the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics, TV critic Eric Deggans lays out a guide to watching the games.

Sandwich Monday: Poppin' Pebbles, A Fruity Pebbles Spinoff

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try an update to the breakfast classic Fruity Pebbles. Post has added a Pop Rocks-like substance to make the cereal sizzle in your mouth.

Food Comics Turn 'ZAP' And 'POW' Into 'Sizzle' And 'Bubble'

A growing number of comic artists are focusing on what's on their plates, rather than dreaming up caped crusader capers. One common theme in these contemporary comics is the epicurean epiphany.

Philip Seymour Hoffman On Acting: An 'Exhausting' And 'Satisfying' Art

We listen back to interviews with Hoffman from 1999 and 2008, when he told Fresh Air's Terry Gross that carrying the emotional life of a character could be "burdensome." He was found dead on Sunday at age 46.

Seinfeld, Coca-Cola and Cheerios: Which Super Bowl Ads Scored?

The Seattle Seahawks dominated the Super Bowl, but for some people, the ads stole the show. Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR TV critic Eric Deggans to find out which commercials hit the mark, and which fell short.

'After Midnight,' And The Cotton Club Is Swinging Again

The legendary Harlem nightclub and the artists and music it's synonymous with are being celebrated in a new Broadway revue. Jeff Lunden talks to cast members and the creators about the pleasures and perils of paying homage to a place with a problematic history.