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Stories Of Race In America Captured On Quilt And Canvas

Artist Faith Ringgold is best known for her story quilts which depict scenes of African-American life. But a new exhibit highlights the provocative paintings she made 20 years earlier — documenting the racial and political tumult of the 1960s.

Wallace Shawn: From 'Toy Story' Dino To Highbrow Playwright

Shawn has made a living playing comic, downtrodden characters like Rex, the green dinosaur in Toy Story. But in his free time, he has written a handful of intellectually demanding plays. New York's Public Theater is showcasing two of his works this year.

'Rural Life' Adds Natural Color To 'The Grey Lady'

Despite being a big city paper, The New York Times has featured Verlyn Klinkenborg's editorials about life on his farm for years. A new collection of his essays, More Scenes from the Rural Life, offers even the city slickers a chance to daydream about cows.

Psst ... It's Class Time

This puzzle is supersonic. Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase or name that has the consecutive letters S-S-T. Specifically, the first word will end in S-S, and the second word will start with T.

In 'The Panopticon,' They're Always Watching

Jenni Fagan's debut novel, The Panopticon, is a creepy and troubled portrait of a girl lost in the system. The plot is loosely based on Fagan's experience growing up in foster care.
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Musical Score From 'The Legend of Zelda' To Perform In Baltimore

The music from the classic video game franchise The Legend of Zelda will be performed at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore tonight.


An Arctic Summer Vacation

Author and adventurer James Campbell and his 15-year-old daughter are spending the summer 130 miles above the Arctic Circle building a cabin. Guest host Linda Wertheimer reached them by satellite phone.

What's It Take To Be A Polar Explorer?

From the TED Radio Hour, polar explorer Ben Saunders on what pushes adventurers like him to brink of human endurance. In 2004, Saunders became the third man — and the most recent — to ski solo to the North Pole.

A Comic-Con Diary: The Final Day

Glen Weldon talks to Comedy Bang Bang's Scott Aukerman, contemplates the rise of geek culture, and gets a Batmobile.

Did America's Pastime Originate In England?

New evidence suggests the first recorded game of baseball took place in Surrey in 1749. Guest host Linda Wertheimer has the details.