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Is Beyonce Still The Queen?

Pop star Beyonce's new surprise album has been getting a lot of buzz, but is it all it's cracked up to be? Beauty shop ladies Bridget Johnson, Aisha Harris, Danielle Belton and Anne Ishii weigh in.

Hear, Here: Four Audiobooks With A Brand New Sound

Forget the taped readings of yore. Today's audiobooks feature integrated musical performances, movie-quality sound effects and all-star casts of rotating narrators. Take a peek at the new world of listenable literature with AudioFile magazine founder Robin Whitten's list of four notable audiobooks from 2013.

From 'Crash Reel' To Recovery, And Everything In Between

NPR's Melissa Block talks with director Lucy Walker about her documentary The Crash Reel, which follows snowboarder Kevin Pearce from a devastating accident through his rehabilitation from a debilitating brain injury.

The Coen Bros. On Writing, 'Lebowski' And Literally Herding Cats

Inside Llewyn Davis -- starring Oscar Isaac and a disobedient cat — is the latest from the filmmaking duo. The brothers talk with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about their writing process ("It's mostly napping") and the cult status of their 1998 film The Big Lebowski ("How do you explain that? I have no idea.")

Have A Very Merry Faux Pas-Free Holiday

The holiday season can be a lot of fun, until you make that drunken blunder at the office party. What are the most common etiquette miscues, and how can you avoid them? Columnist and etiquette expert Harriette Cole shares tips with host Michel Martin.

Forget Golf Courses: Subdivisions Draw Residents With Farms

Across the country, a new model of housing development is springing up that embraces the local food movement. Farms — complete with livestock, vegetables and fruit trees — are now serving as the latest suburban amenity.

Spike Jonze Opens His Heart For 'Her'

In the director's sci-fi romance, a man (Joaquin Phoenix) falls very much in love with his computer operating system (Scarlett Johansson). Jonze spoke with NPR's Audie Cornish about going to the future to direct an old-fashioned love story.

Sandwich Monday: The Grinch Sandwich

For this week's Sandwich Monday, a holiday treat. We re-create the sandwich referenced in "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch": sauerkraut, toadstools, and (substitute) arsenic sauce.
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Remembering Those Lost In 2013

The list of those who passed away in 2013 includes giants from the worlds of politics and popular culture. The world also said goodbye this year to many people who may have been less noticeable, but whose subtle influences affected our everyday lives -- from the inventor of the computer mouse to a legendary "door man" at a prominent Washington music venue. We reflect on the stories of those lost in 2013.


The Camels Were 'Impossible': Peter O'Toole Remembers 'Arabia'

"I can't imagine anyone whom I'm less like than T.E. Lawrence," O'Toole told Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 1993. The handsome actor — who made his name in the 1962 epic film Lawrence of Arabia — died Saturday at the age of 81.