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Community Art Projects Endure Even After Holiday Season Ends

Christmas may be over, but the impact of holiday service projects across the area will continue well into the new year.  

Poetry Uncovers Legacy Of Medgar Evers 50 Years Later

The assassination of civil rights leader Medgar Evers has been chronicled in films and books. Now the voices of his widow --and his killer-- are reimagined in a collection of poetry. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with Frank X Walker about his book, "Turn Me Loose: The Unghosting of Medgar Evers."

The Surprising Vision of Artist Faith Ringgold

Legendary artist Faith Ringgold began her career in 1963 — the same year as the March on Washington. She talks to guest host Celeste Headlee about her life, work and why no one originally wanted to hear her story.

Portrait Show Brings Photographer-Subject Encounters Into Focus

In photographer Chuck Close's portrait of model Kate Moss, Moss looks pretty ordinary — her skin is a confetti of freckles and pores, and there's no airbrushing to be seen. Moss trusted in Close's art, but, as an exhibit at Washington's Phillips Collection demonstrates, that isn't always the case.

How Close Did 'Captain Philips' Get To The Real Life Piracy Tale?

The film Captain Phillips is "based on a true story" of the 2009 hijacking of an American ship by Somali pirates. But how faithfully does the movie capture real events? Robert Siegel puts that question to Colin Freeman, chief foreign correspondent with Britain's Sunday Telegraph. Freeman covered the 2009 incident and has himself been kidnapped by Somali pirates.

Another Life For The Surprisingly Multifarious Walter Mitty

James Thurber's nebbishy daydreamer is getting another shot at success in a new film from actor-director Ben Stiller.

The Dark Roots Of 'The Nutcracker' And The Man Who Wrote It

This is the time of year when one man's work is widely - if indirectly - celebrated. His name used to be hugely famous, but nowadays, it draws blank stares, even from people who know that work. E.T.A. Hoffman, who lived from 1776 to 1822 in the Kingdom of Prussia, was responsible for a work that is a staple the holiday season, the original author of The Nutcracker. You can read more about the story, which aired last Christmas, here.

When Is Cinnamon Spice Not So Nice? The Great Danish Debate

Cinnamon swirls are beloved in Denmark, but recent testing by the Danish government found many of these rolls had more of the spice than allowed by European health guidelines. Now bakers may have to change their time-tested recipes. Too much cinnamon? Yes, there is such a thing.

Writing 'Rudolph': The Original Red-Nosed Manuscript

Everybody knows Rudolph was the last reindeer to join Santa's crew, but few people know about the department store employee who brought his story to the world. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was written by Robert L. May, a copywriter for Montgomery Ward, who, like his protagonist, had always felt like a bit of an outcast.

Why We Hold Tight To Our Family's Holiday Food Traditions

We asked for stories of the holiday food traditions your family cherishes. And we learned that many of you are reviving special dishes this year to pay tribute to your heritage and ancestors.