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Sandwich Monday: We Tackle The Army's 'Pork Rib' MRE

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the Department of Defense's imitation McRib. It's an MRE, Pork Rib flavor. "This meal disgusts me more before 8 a.m. than most meals disgust me all day."

New Yorker Cartoon Editor Explores What Makes Us 'Get It'

Humor is both a creative and a cognitive process, says Bob Mankoff, who has contributed cartoons to The New Yorker since 1977. His memoir is called How About Never — Is Never Good For You?

Spring Into #TMMPoetry

April is almost here, and that means time for Tell Me More's annual celebration of National Poetry Month. Tweet your original poems of no more than 140 characters, using the hashtag #TMMPoetry.

Gastrodiplomacy: Cooking Up A Tasty Lesson On War And Peace

An international relations scholar is using her students' love of food to teach them about global conflicts. It's a form of winning hearts and minds that's gaining traction among world governments.

With Sobering Science, Doctor Debunks 12-Step Recovery

The approach made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous doesn't work for most people, according to psychiatrist Lance Dodes. In fact, he says, the steps can actually be harmful to the majority of addicts.

To Mike Birbiglia's Parents: It's OK If Your Son Sticks To Comedy

For comic Mike Birbiglia, getting his parents to accept his career choice was the hardest part of getting started. Appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman seemed to signal he wasn't so bad.

The Most Powerful Nerd In The Universe Is A Scientific Anomaly

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is everywhere these days. And his current stature is remarkable, in part because he's a black astrophysicist — seemingly as elusive a phenomenon as the Higgs boson.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, March 24

You can see an exhibit featuring glasswork or dive into the world of women in 20th-century sports.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

28th Annual Filmfest DC

Filmfest DC is back in the District again for the last time this year with 80 features, documentaries, comedies, shorts, award winners and discoveries.


'Parentology': Bribes, Behavior And The Science Of Raising Kids

Irreverent dad and sociologist Dalton Conley says parenting books take the wrong approach. He wants to teach parents to make sense of available research in order to apply it to their own kids.