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Most-Traveled Man Hangs Up His Walkin' Shoes

Mike Spencer Bown has traveled and lived in every single country in the world, making him the most-traveled man, ever. He talked with host Rachel Martin about his 23-year-long adventure for Weekend Edition Sunday's travel segment, Wingin' It.

Father And Son Make A Slow Connection In 'Nebraska'

An elderly father and his son take a painfully long drive from Billings, Mont., to Lincoln, Neb., ostensibly to collect the million-dollar prize that the father thinks he's won. Host Rachel Martin talks with Nebraska director Alexander Payne.

If Being A Teen Wasn't Awkward Enough: A Date With 'Your Mom'

When humor writer Tom Ruprecht decided in high school to read Ian Frazier's Dating Your Mom, he faced a conundrum that most teens would find terrifying: How do you ask your mom to buy you a book with a title like that? And — again, like most teenagers — his solution wasn't exactly graceful. But at least the book of essays was worth it.

In The Streets Of Iran, A Fashion Shoot Bursting With Color

Iran, a notoriously closed society, was the setting for a high-fashion magazine shoot, published in California-based FSHN. It may have been the first such fashion shoot in Iran for an international magazine since 1969. Host Rachel Martin speaks to the photographer, Afra Pourdad.

At 13, 'Book Thief' Star Picks The Screen Over The Balance Beam

At 13, Sophie Nelisse is already making big career decisions. She started training in gymnastics at 3 and had her eyes set on the 2016 Olympics. She put those dreams aside when she landed the lead role in The Book Thief. She tells host Arun Rath, "It was a hard choice, but I chose acting."

Republican-Filled 'Alpha House' Aims For Bipartisan Laughs

Amazon's new original comedy series, "Alpha House," features four U.S. senators — all Republicans — sharing living quarters on Capitol Hill. But the show, a creation of Gary "Doonesbury" Trudeau, tries to make fun across political aisles.

Making Moves In Food Delivery, Chess And Health Care

Ozy co-founder Carlos Watson tells host Arun Rath about a new food delivery service, a chess master who is making the board game sexy and President Bill Clinton's comments on the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

On The Timeless Appeal Of 'Calvin & Hobbes'

The documentary Dear Mr. Watterson explores the world of the classic comic strip. NPR's Don Gonyea spoke with director Joel Allen Schroeder about the film and the strip, which still has devoted fans long after the final panels appeared in the paper.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Plays Not My Job

The International Space Station is a pretty great backdrop for a music video, and Commander Chris Hadfield didn't waste the opportunity as he was orbiting the Earth back in the spring of 2012.
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National Portrait Gallery Celebrates History Of Dance

Art jumps off the walls and dances across the floor in a new exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.