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Philippa Hughes: A D.C. Artist Living Like Her Hair Is On Fire

Philippa Hughes built a career promoting other people's art. But after a cancer diagnosis, she decided to re-focus on making art herself.


Patchett: In Bad Relationships, 'There Comes A Day When You Gotta Go'

Ann Patchett got married and divorced young. When she met the man who would eventually become her second husband she said: "I'll be true; I'll be faithful; I'll see you every day ... but I don't want to get married and I don't want to live together.'" Her new book is This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage.

An Innovative Plan To Reel In Sport Fishermen To Feed The Hungry

Fish is an important part of a healthful diet, but it can be hard to come by for groups that feed the hungry. A brand-new scheme being launched this week in Maine aims to change that, by getting the state's many sport fishermen to donate catch that would otherwise be discarded.

'Boyhood' And 'Happy Valley' Are Sundance Standouts So Far

Steven Zeitchik of the Los Angeles Times has been binge watching films at the 10-day festival. So far he's been impressed by Richard Linklater's Boyhood, Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here and Amir Bar-Lev's documentary Happy Valley.

Skeptic Takes A Tour Of Self-Help's 'Promise Land'

Despite being the daughter of a child psychologist and self-help author, Jessica Lamb-Shapiro has spent most of her life recoiling from the self-help industry. But eventually, her curiosity got the best of her. She tells Fresh Air about self-help's high- and low-brow iterations and the ways the industry helped her address her fears.

Long John Silver's Throws Trans Fats Overboard

Last year, the fast-food chain earned the dubious distinction from a health watchdog group of serving "America's worst restaurant meal." Now, Long John Silver's is winning praise for removing all trans fats from its menu.

Which Artworks Should We Save? Cash-Strapped Italy Lets Citizens Vote

With money tight, Italian officials are faced with an unbearable choice: Which works of art should be saved, when the government can't afford to save them all? At the end of 2013, the government organized an online vote to give citizens a say in the matter.

Phoenix To Self: 'Why Am I Talking About This? ... Joaquin, Shut Up'

The elusive actor tells Fresh Air about his new film, Her; his wacky 2009 David Letterman interview; and what it was like to be a child actor. But he insists he's not really that interesting: "If I was driving and I heard this, I'd change the channel."

Soba: More Than Just Noodles, It's A Cultural Heritage ... And An Art Form

The United Nations has named traditional Japanese cuisine — known as washoku — an intangible cultural heritage. One of the oldest foods of washoku is the soba noodle. But what most Americans call soba is a pale comparison to the actual cuisine. One woman in Southern California is trying to keep the true traditional noodle alive in America.

For World Superpowers, The Negotiating Table Often Had A Net

Melissa Block talks with Nicholas Griffin about his book, Ping-Pong Diplomacy, which explores the importance of the tabletop game in Chinese political history and foreign policy.