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Christ In Context: 'Zealot' Explores The Life Of Jesus

Writer and scholar Reza Aslan converted to Christianity when he was a teenager, but found that as he grew older, he was far more interested in Jesus as a man than as a Messiah. His new book, Zealot, considers Jesus in the context of the time and place in which he lived.
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Is D.C. More Southern or Northern? Dialect May Offer A Clue

Is the D.C. part of the North or the South? It probably depends on which factors you prefer to focus on, but whether you drink "soda" or "coke" may say a lot.


Kids Watch TV As Parents Do, Not As They Say

All the advice that parents should set rules to limit children's TV time goes only so far. Children tend to watch the same amount of TV that their parents do. Setting an example and sticking to it looks like the most effective approach.

Sandwich Monday: The Burger King Veggie Burger

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the veggie burger at Burger King. Finally, vegetarians can eat with their friends at BK, rather than constantly finding new friends.

Book News: Anonymous Tip Led To Outing Of J.K. Rowling's Alter Ego

Also, Lionsgate on Orson Scott Card; the best books coming out this week.

G-Man Fights Crime, And A Medical Disorder, In Kansas City

When Joel Goldman was diagnosed with a medical condition that makes him shake and stutter, he quit his law practice and started writing novels inspired by true crime in the Kansas City area. Eventually, he gave his disorder to FBI Agent Jack Davis, one of his main characters.

Racing Hearts, Fluttering Wings: American 'Butterfly People'

After the Civil War, pursuing butterflies was more than a pastime for many Americans — it was a passion. In his book, Butterfly People, William Leach chronicles the infatuation, from its European roots and natural-history tradition to its eventual fall.

Remembering Cory Monteith Of 'Glee'

Cory Monteith was known to most Americans as Finn Hudson, the high school football star turned glee club member. But the star of TV's "Glee," who was found dead this weekend at age 31, was a former high school dropout who used an unorthodox audition tape to get noticed.

'This Town' Takes Aim At The Washington Establishment

New York Times Magazine reporter Mark Leibovich's new book This Town is a lively look at media, politics and money in Washington. Leibovich tells NPR that most people outside don't understand what a carnival of money and celebrity the city has become.

'Zealot' Tells The Story Of Jesus The Man, Not The Messiah

Religious scholar Reza Aslan found that he was much more interested in studying Jesus as a human being than as the figure he learned about in church. His new book, Zealot, chronicles Jesus' life and times and explains how the historical context shaped Jesus and the perception of him.