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Thursday, April 17, 2014

28th Annual Filmfest DC

Filmfest DC is back in the District again for the last time this year with 80 features, documentaries, comedies, shorts, award winners and discoveries.


'Parentology': Bribes, Behavior And The Science Of Raising Kids

Irreverent dad and sociologist Dalton Conley says parenting books take the wrong approach. He wants to teach parents to make sense of available research in order to apply it to their own kids.

Changing The World One Letter At A Time

For each geographical place provided, change one letter to make a new, common word that has a different number of syllables than the geographical name.

Why Comedian Hari Kondabolu Is 'Waiting For 2042'

The Indian-American performer says he's not obsessed with race, but he uses it frequently in his comedy because it's part of his lived experience and something he can't help but pay attention to.

They Cast Whom?! Actor Choices To Offend Every Racial Sensibility

Should an actor's ethnicity match a character's ethnicity? Does it matter, or does it not? Whatever your line of thinking, you're probably irked by these recent casting developments.

Fatal Accident Fuels Safety Concerns On Hollywood's Sets

On Feb. 20, Sarah Jones was killed in an accident on the set of the film Midnight Rider. But Jones wasn't a stuntwoman who might expect to face a high degree of danger — she was a camera assistant.

Jimmy Carter Issues 'Call To Action' Against Subjugation Of Women

The former president joins NPR to talk about his new book, the state of human trafficking and whether religion can be a conduit for lasting change around gender.


Bertrand Tavernier, Playing Geopolitics For Laughs

Known for serious films such as The Clockmaker and 'Round Midnight, the French filmmaker has turned to comedy — with a serious undertone — in his latest film, The French Minister.

Not My Job: We Ask Football And Old Spice Star Terry Crews About Cruises

Before he was the star of a hilarious series of Old Spice commercials, Terry Crews played for the championship Western Michigan University Broncos in Kalamazoo, where we are taping the show this week.

Spring May Not Be Outside, But It's On The Court

In honor of the NCAA tournament and the official start of spring, Lev Grossman recommends the timeless The Canterbury Tales, while Tim Lane looks to the sports bio, Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich.