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Inside 'Regular Show,' Where Every Clip Is A Big Production

The Emmy-winning cartoon is one bizarre and hilarious plot after another. For the show's creators, making each 11-minute episode is its own adventure.

Right-Leaning Political Satire Show Shoots Back At Liberals

Ozy deputy editor Eugene Robinson talks with NPR's Kelly McEvers about a new political satire show that aims to poke fun of the left and about the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of Jeopardy!

Violinist Itzhak Perlman Gets Quizzed On Ron Perlman

Perlman has played for presidents and the Queen of England, but the high point of his career is obviously for him to be here, playing the NPR news quiz. He'll play a game called "You're no Hellboy."

'Lovesongs' Examines What It Means To Come Home

A new novel, Shotgun Lovesongs, interlaces the stories of friends who keep returning to each other, to grasp hold of where they are in the world. NPR's Scott Simon talks with author Nickolas Butler.

A Grand Tradition Of Family Drama In 'Cavendon Hall'

Best-selling author Barbara Taylor Bradford's new novel follows two families living in a grand Edwardian manor. She tells NPR that Downton-style dramas are a way of encapsulating life in one house.

Sex And The Greater 'Good Wife': Archie Panjabi On Keeping That Big Secret

Archie Panjabi plays a crafty investigator on the TV show The Good Wife. She talks with NPR's Scott Simon about her character, and being a South Asian British woman in Hollywood.

In 'Storied Life,' Characters Come With A Reading List

At its heart, Gabrielle Zevin's new novel is a love letter to the joys of reading. Each chapter starts with the title of a book or short story, essentially introducing characters by what they read.

Send Out The Doves: 'Noah' Lands On Solid Ground

Critic Bob Mondello says Darren Aronofsky's take on the story of Noah and the flood mixes wild invention and digital magic to create a surprisingly credible biblical epic.

An Ode To Our Newest Neighbor: Biden, The Pink Dwarf Planet

In honor of the newly discovered planet, 2012 VP113, aka Biden, author Jason Sheehan recommends First Light by Richard Preston and Andy Weir suggests the short story "Flatlander," by Larry Niven.
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Delaware Community Raises Money To Save Beloved Theater

A small community in Coastal Delaware has raised enough money to save one of its most historic and beloved landmarks.