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Forget Speed-Reading. Here's Speed-Writing

With apps like Spritz and Spreeder, speed-reading is all the rage. But maybe the solution is writing faster: Decide important things. Write those. Understand?

Did Juan Pablo Galavis Bomb As 'The Bachelor'?

Some media critics and television fans hoped that casting Juan Pablo Galavis as The Bachelor would bring diversity to ABC's hit reality show. But now many are asking if his performance was a letdown.

Advice For Eating Well On A Tight Budget, From A Mom Who's Been There

Learning to garden and cook with cheap, healthful produce helped JuJu Harris survive while raising seven kids on public assistance. In a new cookbook, she shares her tips for struggling moms.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, March 13

You can see a series of African films at a local festival or check out an award-winning play about relationships, support, and the struggle to keep one’s inner demons at bay.


Road Between Broadway And Hollywood Isn't A One-Way Street

For years, the relationship only went one way: from stage to screen. But this spring, four big musicals are based on films, including favorites like Rocky, Aladdin and The Bridges of Madison County.

Water-To-Wine Machine Sound Too Good To Be True? It Is

News media were quick to report on a $499 "Miracle Machine" that could turn water into wine. The science sounded suspect to us, with good reason. The perpetrators call it a sham for charity's sake.

SXSW: Tech Industry Inspires New Shows From HBO, AMC

The moneyed world of tech startups is getting a sendup from Mike Judge and a dramatic treatment from AMC. Both programs explore the people who, for better or worse, are changing the way we live.

Wes Anderson: 'We Made A Pastiche' Of Eastern Europe's Greatest Hits

The Grand Budapest Hotel takes place in the fictional European country of Zobrowka on the eve of war. Anderson shot much of the film in Germany, drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape.

Who Says Food Porn Has To Be Dominated By Junk Food?

Carrots don't stand much of a chance against cronuts when it comes to tweets and Instagrams about food. The new Food Porn Index aims to change the conversation by tracking our virtual cravings.

In 'Googleplex,' Plato Makes A Bid For Continuing Importance

In her new book, novelist and philosopher, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, drops Plato into modern situations and imagines what he'd think of this century's existential dilemmas.