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A Fond Farewell For The Voice That Welcomed Viewers To Theaters

Voiceover artist Hal Douglas died recently at age 89. Filmmaker Casimir Nozkowski discusses the life and work of the prolific speaker, who narrated thousands of movie trailers in a gravelly baritone.

Malaysia Flight 370 And The World's Attention

After a week spent searching for and wondering about the missing plane, author Alan Heathcock revisits the young adult novel Hatchet, and Jonathan Evison suggests Songs for the Missing.

Companies Tap Celebrity Power For Extreme Vegetable Makeover

If mom can't nudge kids to eat veggies, Maybe Disney teen stars will be more effective. Increasingly, companies are marketing healthy food to kids. Turns out, it's good for their bottom line, too.

Tell Your Bestie: The OED Has New Words

The Oxford English Dictionary is adding some 900 new words and phrases to its pages, with wackadoodle, bestie and DIYer among them. Melissa and Robert review some of the new entries.

NBC Hostage Drama 'Crisis' Takes Viewers On A Rare TV Trip

The show's season-long crime story follows a busload of kids whose field trip gets detoured by kidnappers. Critic David Bianculli says it could wind up being just as good — and intense-- as 24.

Has Money Taken Over American Politics?

Legal scholar Lawrence Lessig says corruption is at the heart of American politics and issues a bipartisan call for change.

What If Our Health Care System Kept Us Healthy?

Health advocate Rebecca Onie describes how our health care system can be restructured to prevent — and not just treat — illness.

Is The Law Making Us Less Free?

Attorney Philip K. Howard argues the U.S. has become a legal minefield and we need to simplify our laws.

Why Can't We Talk About An Injustice?

Lawyer Bryan Stevenson explains how America's criminal justice system works against the poor and people of color, and how we can address it.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, March 14

You can see a world premiere play about the hardships of love or attend a kickoff party for an upcoming festival.