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New Film 'All About Ann' Looks At The Life Of A Texan Leader

A new HBO film, All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State looks at one of the most formidable political figures of her time, and the last Democrat ever to serve as governor of Texas.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, April 28

You can see a play about love, family and the things we hold most dear or see a film about the power of silence.


Cake Or Death? Gâteau, S'il Vous Plaît!

British comedian Eddie Izzard talks with NPR's David Greene about doing stand-up in foreign languages, running far too many marathons, and why he rarely performs in drag these days.

Without Life-Saving Pact, This Doctor Would Have Been The Patient

At 17, Dr. Sampson Davis committed a robbery that landed him in juvenile detention. While there, he realized that if he didn't turn his life around and focus on school, he would die in the streets.

Fair Or Not, Getting Kids To Eat Their Vegetables

Pediatric nutritionist Dr. Deb Kennedy, author of The Picky Eating Solution, talks with NPR's Eric Westervelt about catering to kids who put up fights at the dinner table.

Artist Ralph Steadman: A Nice Man, For A Pictorial Assassin

A documentary about the British artist, known for his illustrations of Hunter S. Thompson's work, asks how such a warm and generous man could make such scary drawings.

Ancient Form Of Poetry Captures Afghan Women's Lives

From drone strikes to the songs of the ancient caravans, the type of poem called landay reflects Afghan life. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Eliza Griswold, translator of Afghan women's landays.

Like So Many Magazines, 'Ladies' Home Journal' Cuts Back

Ladies' Home Journal, famous for its "Can This Marriage Be Saved" column, will no longer be published monthly. Instead, the magazine will be sold quarterly and will only be available on newsstands.

Wise Words From Robin Roberts' Mom: 'Honey, Everybody's Got Something'

In her new memoir, Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts describes her "somethings" — being diagnosed with breast cancer and a rare blood disorder.

First In, Last Out

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