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Pedal Power To Horsepower: Toys Point Towards Future Of Cars

Toy cars — from pedal-powered roadsters to Matchbox and Hot Wheels sets — are more than just child's play. Kids' preferences in their toys can point towards future automotive trends, like a growing fondness for eco-friendly cars, and licensing deals can build brand loyalty at a very young age.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, July 9

This month you can laugh it up at an improv show that pokes fun at the state of our nation, or see an exhibit of paintings that speak to the "spirit and beauty" of mankind.


France Battles Scourge Of Ready-To-Eat Meals In Restaurants

French dining is world famous, but it has a dirty little secret: Many restaurants rely on microwavable, premade meals. A bill that's already cleared one big hurdle in the French National Assembly would force restaurants to label when their food is made in-house from scratch – and penalize those who lie about it.

'The Bridge:' Mayhem On The Border, With Big Issues At Stake

On July 10, FX adds another dark serialized drama to an already rich cable crop: The Bridge, starring Diane Kruger. Like The Killing, it's based on a Scandinavian television series.

As 'Ray Donovan,' Liev Schreiber Cleans Up Hollywood's Messes

In the FX series, Schreiber plays a Hollywood fixer with some personal problems of his own. While TV is newish territory for Schreiber, playing a man plagued by inner demons is not. He talks with Dave Davies about acting the heavy — and how his face has shaped his career.

Summer Songs: Banjo Adds Bang To Old Standard

Tell Me More is teaming up with WWNO's Music Inside Out to kick off a new series, 'Summer Songs,' showcasing fresh takes on popular American tunes. Today, banjo player Don Vappie performs "Careless Love," a song made famous by legendary artists like Bessie Smith and Ray Charles.

Winning Gold In Their Golden Years

Age of Champions is a documentary about athletes who, in their golden years, compete at the National Senior Olympics. Michel Martin speaks to the film's producer Keith Ochwat and John Tatum, a 94-year-old swimmer.

Math Class Made Delicious: Learn About Cones Through Scones

"Conic sections" are the four kinds of curves that result when a plane slices through a cone. But if you forgot that bit of high school algebra, here's one way to make sure you digest the lesson — this time, in a most delicious form: scones.

The Life Of Paula Deen: In A Four Course Menu

What's on the menu? A Paula Deen retrospective.

Book News: Reading And Writing Slow Dementia, Study Says

Also: Joyce Carol Oates ignites a Twitter controversy; George Orwell's fashion choices; and the best books coming out this week.