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Book News: Ray Bradbury's House Is Up For Sale

"Everyone must leave something behind," the author once wrote. Also: Philip Roth retires from sandwich eating. And Jane Fonda is writing a novel.

Filmmaker Brings Light To Roma, Holocaust Victims Lost To History

Filmmaker Aaron Yeger tells the story of Roma Holocaust victims in the documentary A People Uncounted, and he joins the program to explain more.

Young Poet, Big Prize: A Conversation With The Sophie Kerr Winner

Robert Siegel speaks with Alexander Stinton, the winner of the 2014 Sophie Kerr Prize, the nation's largest undergraduate literary award. Stinton is a graduate of Washington College.

In Life And Fiction, Edward St. Aubyn Sheds The Weight Of His Past

The writer is best known for his semi-autobiographical novels about an Englishman from a posh but monstrous family. St. Aubyn's new book marks a departure.

'The Maya Rudolph Show' And What It'll Take To Bring Back Variety

The comedian's prime-time NBC special is the latest rare attempt by network TV to revive the long-dormant genre. Fresh Air's critic doesn't think it succeeded, but he encourages TV to try, try again.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, May 20

A D.C.-based band is back in town and ready to party and a free film series opens up with a family-friendly comedy.


'Third Plate' Reimagines Farm-To-Table Eating To Nourish The Land

Renee Montagne talks to Dan Barber about his new book The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food. Barber advocates eating a wider variety of foods that better support the land.

Book Review: 'Abide'

Poet Tess Taylor reviews the posthomously published poetry collection Abide, by Jake Adam York.

The Winding Stories Of A Quintessential American Spy

Among his colleagues at the CIA, Robert Ames was considered the quintessential spy. Integral in the Oslo Peace Accords, the late secret agent is now the subject of Kai Bird's book, The Good Spy.

Sandwich Monday: The White Castle Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the latest bewaffled breakfast item: the White Castle Waffle Breakfast Sandwich.