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The Shifting Culture of American Fiction with Chad Harbach

Author Chad Harbach joins us to consider the changing landscape of America's publishing industry.


Artist Kara Walker Draws Us Into Bitter History With Something Sweet

Walker's latest project is a series of sugar sculptures housed in a former sugar refinery. From far away the works look charming, but up close they tell the ugly story of the Caribbean slave trade.

Introducing Roma Cuisine, The Little-Known 'Soul Food' Of Europe

There's a long history of prejudice against the Roma people in Europe. A non-profit in Slovenia is hoping to diffuse it by launching a restaurant serving the tastiest of the traditional Roma dishes.

Wole Soyinka: I Just Want Those Monsters Exterminated

The Nigerian Nobel laureate says the abduction of more than 250 girls by extremist group Boko Haram is a defining moment for his country.

'Godzilla': A Fire-Breathing Behemoth Returns To The Big Screen

In the Japanese original, he was a thinly disguised symbol of the atom bomb, but in later films he fought other giant monsters and even space aliens. The latest Godzilla is directed by Gareth Edwards.

Is It Donald Sterling's Right To Fight For His Team?

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling will reportedly fight the NBA to keep his team. The Barbershop guys weigh in on that feud, and Solange and Jay-Z's elevator dust-up.

'I've Enjoyed Every Minute Of It': Carl Kasell On His 60 Years In Radio

The veteran NPR newscaster got into the business young — as a teen he hosted a late-night, easy-listening music show in Goldsboro, N.C. He'll now be scorekeeper emeritus on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

In Mona Simpson's 'Casebook,' A Holden Caulfield For Our Time

The teenaged protagonist of Mona Simpson's novel, Casebook, spies on his parents and learns their secrets. The novel is a haunting cross between Harriet the Spy and The Catcher in the Rye.

In Pricey Cities, Being A Bohemian Starving Artist Gets Old Fast

When even a tiny garret in a major city is crushingly expensive, the ideal of the "starving artist" has shifted since the days when poverty was held up as ennobling.

Son Of? Bride Of? Cousin Of? How Many Godzillas Are There, Already?

Bob Mondello reviews the latest in a long line of Godzilla movies, this one with Bryan Cranston and other actors who take a back seat to digital tricks as everyone's favorite monster stomps again.