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At Libraries Across America, It's Game On

In the 1800s, British libraries used gaming rooms to lure patrons away from pubs. Now, across the country, libraries are using video games to attract millennials — and the goal isn't always educational.

Easy As ABC

Every answer is an anagram of a word that has the letters A-B-C in it.

America, Are You Tough Enough To Drink Real Russian Kvas?

Russians have been drinking kvas, a barely alcoholic fermented grain drink, for centuries. But the version sold commercially in the U.S.? It's largely just a wimpy, watered-down, sugary version, say aficionados. Now some new kvas makers are hoping Americans will embrace traditional, hard-core versions of the drink and its tangy, sour goodness.

Party Like It's 2009: Life And Friendship In The Great Recession

When the economy's dropping like an anvil, young professionals have to find ways to make do — and having friends always helps. Reviewer Alex Espinoza says Choire Sicha's Very Recent History is an insightful tale of friends weathering a tough economy in the big city.

Reports: Singer Eydie Gorme Dies At 84

Gorme, known for her range both as a solo act and teamed with husband Steve Lawrence, died Saturday in Las Vegas, according to published reports. She was 84.

'Lovelace': A Sex Superstar's Struggle To Show Herself

A new biopic explores the story of Linda Lovelace, star of the 1970s film Deep Throat. Directors Jeffrey Friedman and Rob Epstein talk with host Jacki Lyden their film, Lovelace.

Florida's Highwaymen Painted Idealized Landscapes In Jim Crow South

In the Jim Crow Florida of the 1960's a group of young African-American landscape painters became famous for their art. They also made a lot of money selling oil paintings that depicted an idealized, candy-colored Florida of palms and beaches, and sleepy inlets. These young painters came to be known as the Highwaymen, and they painted thousands of these paintings until the market was saturated and the whole genre vanished. Host Jacki Lyden traveled to Florida and explored their fascinating story. (This piece originally aired on All Things Considered on Sept. 19, 2012.)

Karen Black, Strange And Lovely, And Always Game

Karen Black parlayed her strange and singular allure into quirky character roles that in many ways captured the zeitgeist of the 1960s and '70s.

Audio As Art At New York Exhibit

NPR's Jacki Lyden discusses the new sound art exhibit opening Saturday at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Featuring 16 young contemporary artists, the gallery explores sounds from abandoned buildings to underwater insects.

The Doctor, An Utterly Millennial Hero

Doctor Who fans waited with bated breath this summer for the announcement of the latest actor to play the Doctor. But the Doctor is more than a character on a show that millions love, he's arguably the chosen hero of the millennial generation.