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Listeners Hoping For Change To Come

Listeners react to Tell Me More's coverage of the Zimmerman trial, and the emotions are heated. Editor Ammad Omar and host Michel Martin dig into the inbox.

Getting Real On Race After Zimmerman Verdict

At the end of a week dominated by news of George Zimmerman's verdict, the Barbershop guys share what strikes them about the case.

From A Story of Evil, A Lesson In Forgiveness

Beverly Donofrio is known for her popular memoir Riding in Cars with Boys, where she wrote about her experience as a teen mom. Now she's out with a new memoir about a life-changing incident in her mid-fifties — she woke up one night to a rapist in her bed. The book is titled Astonished: A Story of Evil, Blessings, Grace and Solace. Beverly Donofrio joins host Michel Martin for a Behind Closed Doors conversation.
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Federal Panel Approves Eisenhower Memorial Design

The U.S. Commission of Fine Arts gave approval to the proposed—and controversial—design of the Eisenhower Memorial on Thursday morning.

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Smithsonian Collections Could Be At Risk In Substandard Storage Facility

A Smithsonian officials says valuable art and science collections may be at risk of damage due to storage in a substandard facility.


For Actress Ruby Keeler, Another Opening, Another Show

The 1930s film star dropped out of sight for decades, only to return as the toast of 1970s Broadway.
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Capital Fringe Festival

Now in its eighth year, the Capital Fringe Festival is underway, with more than 130 shows in venues across D.C. We get highlights from the festival and speak with some of the performers.


Jason Isbell Locates His Musical Compass On 'Southeastern'

The singer-songwriter earned a name for himself while playing with Drive-By Truckers and The 400 Unit, but on his new album — written after he got sober — Isbell finds a new level of emotional honesty. Here, he talks with Terry Gross about his life and plays songs from Southeastern.

Your Love Of Quinoa Is Good News For Andean Farmers

Despite reports to the contrary, the global quinoa boom has not put the superfood out of reach for the people in Bolivia and Peru who grow it — though it has raised prices. And these farmers want consumers to know that overall, the world's love affair with quinoa is raising their standard of living.

Is It Time To See Each Other's Tears?

NPR's Michel Martin says Americans sometimes have an empathy gap when it comes to other people's pain.