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New Requirements Leave Smaller Theaters Out Of Helen Hayes Awards

The Helen Hayes Awards now come with new requirements for what actors are paid, potentially excluding smaller local theaters.


Finding The Pieces To Form A New Nation

For each familiar two-word phrase and name, take one or more letters from the start of the first word plus one or more letters from the start of the second word to name a country.

After Silence, An 'Outline' Of A Life In Fragments

Rachel Cusk's new novel Outline reflects the fragmentation of her own life in the story of a writer coming to terms with her dissolving marriage while on a summer teaching trip to Greece.

This Weekend, Visit San Francisco's Famed Forbidden City In 'China Dolls'

In this installment of Weekend Reads, Jean Kwok recommends Lisa See's novel China Dolls, about the unlikely friendship formed by three young women on vaudeville's all-Asian "Chop Suey Circuit."

How To Revive The Worn Out Cliche

Are cliches always tired? Not necessarily! NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Orin Hargraves, author of It's Been Said Before: A Guide to the Use and Abuse of Cliches.

Ellar Coltrane, Taking Notes On Life And Girls For 'Boyhood'

NPR's Tamara Keith spoke with the star of the film, Ellar Coltrane, who spent more than a decade shooting the movie. This story first aired on July 12 on Weekend Edition Saturday.

Mexican Carpoolers: A Photographer's View Of Truck Bed Commuters

In the backs of pickup trucks, construction workers lie among tools and blankets, headed to the city for a day's work. Alejandro Cartagena turned his camera on the carpoolers.

'Tasty': How Flavor Helped Make Us Human

From an evolutionary standpoint, flavor has long helped define who we are as a species, journalist John McQuaid argues in his new book, an exploration of the art and science of taste.

New Streaming Services Are Changing TV — And Viewers, Too

Streaming services like Netflix and the DISH Network's new Sling TV are helping consumers break free of cable subscriptions. That means TV shows must find new ways to connect with their viewers.

'Blood Of The Tiger': Shedding Light On China's Farmed-Tiger Trade

The endangered animals are bred for luxury items, like tiger bone wine and tigerskin rugs. By raising the demand for these goods, the farms pose a threat to wild tigers, says author J.A. Mills.