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How Girls Are Developing Earlier In An Age Of 'New Puberty'

Two doctors wrote a book that probes the environmental, biological and socioeconomic factors contributing to early puberty. These girls face risks like anxiety and depression, one author says.

Peter Pan's Magic Is In The Pixie Dust

NBC is airing a live version of Peter Pan on Thursday, nearly 60 years after the first live telecast. Critic David Bianculli says the cast and the revival of the medium are genius.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Dec. 2

A Shakespearean classic opens at a local theater and old school music gets a modern-era facelift.


50 Years Of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas': Share Your Sad Tree Photos

Since 1965, Charlie Brown's scrawny tree has been compared to many real-life Christmas trees. If you have one in your past – or in your den – we want to see it.

North Korean Government Thought To Be Behind Sony Pictures Hack

The company's email and corporate networks were disabled, and five Sony films were leaked online. North Korean officials said "wait and see" when asked if they were behind the cyberattack.

Bill Cosby Resigns From Temple University's Board

The move was announced Monday, in a short news release in which Bill Cosby cited "the best interests of the university and its students."

From Feeling Lost To Army Strong, With The Help Of Poetry

Daisy Armstrong struggled in school. She was homeless for a time. Then she began performing poetry — and it helped her, a gay woman, find a niche where she never thought she'd belong: the Army.

P.D. James Believed Mysteries Were Made Of Clues, Not Coincidences

The best-selling author died Thursday. She was 94. In 1987, James told Terry Gross that while the "shock of finding the bodies is important" in her novels, she personally doesn't like "messy lives."

Historian Illustrates Racial Intolerance In The Northeast In Post-War U.S.

In his new book All Eyes Are Upon Us, Jason Sokol writes about how Northerners were blind to patterns of segregation, discrimination and racial violence in such states as New York and Massachusetts.

Mexican Chef Serves Up An Authoritative Guide To Her Country's Cuisine

Unlike other exhaustive guides to Mexico's diverse regional foods, Mexico: The Cookbook was written by a Mexican. Margarita Carrillo's recipes aim for simplicity to lure American readers to explore.