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With Memories And Online Maps, A Man Finds His 'Way Home'

When Saroo Brierley was 4, he hopped on the wrong train in rural India, losing his way and his family. But as he recounts in A Long Way Home, Google Earth helped him return decades later.

Saving Lives And Surviving Paperwork Inside The LA County ER

Trauma victims and the uninsured alike pour through the doors of LA County Hospital. Filmmaker-physician Ryan McGarry's new documentary, Code Black, takes viewers inside the busy emergency room.

'The Illustrated Courtroom' Finds Art In Real-Life Legal Drama

For some trials, courtroom sketches are the only images the public ever sees. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with artist Elizabeth Williams about her new book, which looks at 50 years of such drawings.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, June 23

You can see two performances with vaudevillian elements.


With Blocks And Bricks, A Minimalist Returns To The Gallery

Carl Andre helped shape modern sculpture in the mid-1960s, but his career was jolted when he was tried and acquitted of murder. Now he's the subject of his first major retrospective in three decades.

Why TV Drama Is So Obsessed With Pandemics

Several new TV shows this year revolve around the idea of a deadly virus that grips the world, destroying much of the population. Enthusiasm for these shows is downright infectious.

'Astonish Me' Asks, Is It Enough To Only Be Good?

For our latest installment of the occasional feature Weekend Reads novelist Alexander Chee tells NPR's Rachel Martin about Maggie Shipstead's novel Astonish Me.

Almost Intermediate: Adults Learn Lessons In 'Late Starters Orchestra'

Ari Goldman created the Late Starters Orchestra for adults who wanted to take up a musical instrument. He and other musicians play in a strictly enforced egalitarian and non-judgmental environment.

'They Came Together' Is A Terrible Rom-Com On Purpose

The film lampoons every trope in the romantic comedy textbook. Man-to-man real talk on the basketball court? Check. Sad heart-to-heart with a bartender? There's that too, but not how you'd expect.

'Miss Lovely' Exposes The Underbelly Of India's Film Industry

No one wanted to talk to director Ashim Ahluwalia on camera about making porn in India. So to cover the rarely discussed topic, he created a fictional film that looks and feels like a documentary.