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Breaking Up Helped Ledisi Find 'The Truth' In Her Music

Grammy-nominated singer Ledisi pulls no punches when talking about a failed relationship. She says it even became the inspiration of her latest album.

A Sponge Cake's Long, Strange Trip: Germany To Denver, Via Japan

The baumkuchen is an odd yet tasty layered German sponge cake baked on a spit. It arrived in Denver last year via a long, strange tour of Asia. Its history is as complex as its many layers.

Bye-Bye To Barbara Walters: A Long 'View' Of A Storied Career

After 53 years on television, ABC's Barbara Walters is retiring from her work on camera. Steve Inskeep talks to the groundbreaking broadcaster about her life, career and impact on television news.

Book Review: 'American Innovations'

Alan Cheuse reviews American Innovations, a new collection of short stories by Rivka Galchen.

Greenwald On NSA Leaks: 'We've Erred On The Side Of Excess Caution'

Journalist Glenn Greenwald says he and his team weighed the public's interest against the potential harm to innocent people when deciding how many of Edward Snowden's leaked documents to make public.

Jay Z Has Another Problem To Add To His 99

Social media is still buzzing about the video of Beyonce's younger sister Solange attacking Jay Z while leaving a party. But is it any of our business? The Beauty Shop ladies weigh in.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, May 14

You can see an exhibit of large paintings by a D.C. artist or check out a local dance company this weekend.


How Funny Or Die Makes Room For What Works

Funny Or Die, a site founded by comedians including Will Ferrell, is finding ways to channel the loose comedy of the Internet into projects both online and on television.

Oscar-Winning Director Malik Bendjelloul Dies At 36

Swede Bendjelloul's Searching for Sugar Man, won a Best Documentary Feature Oscar in 2013. He died in Stockholm.

'Good Doctor' Puts Past Medical Practices Under An Ethical Microscope

In a new book, bioethicist and internist Barron Lerner recalls how he came to question some of his father's medical practices — practices that were common among many doctors of that generation.