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Delaware Community Raises Money To Save Beloved Theater

A small community in Coastal Delaware has raised enough money to save one of its most historic and beloved landmarks.

'The Good Wife' Delivers A Game-Changing Stunner

Last Sunday, the CBS drama delivered something major and unexpected. If you don't know what happened, and don't wish to, you may not want to listen, but Fresh Air's critic has a lot to say about it.

In 'Noah,' Earth And The Bible Get A Computer-Generated Reboot

Darren Aronofsky's latest film is a big-budget Bible story called, simply, Noah. Russell Crowe plays the title character, and the movie also features Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson.

This Year, Biblical Films Are Fruitful And Multiplying

There's a flood of biblical proportions this year in Hollywood: Noah, Exodus and Son of God are all hitting big screens in 2014. What meaning hath this year's spate of Bible-based films?

'Vivian Maier' Brings Nanny-Photographer's Life Into Focus

In 2007, filmmaker John Maloof bought thousands of undeveloped negatives at an auction. Now, he and Charlie Siskel present Finding Vivian Maier, a film about the reclusive woman behind the photos.

Book Review: 'How To Dance As The Roof Caves In'

Poet Tess Taylor reviews Nick Lantz's third poetry collection, How to Dance As The Roof Caves In.

A Tiny Renoir, Stolen In The '50s, Finally Comes Home To Baltimore Museum

On the Shore of the Seine was stolen in 1951. It resurfaced in 2012 when a woman claimed she found it at a flea market. A Washington Post reporter investigated and found the story wasn't so simple.

The Search For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Can Be Such A Grind(er)

It's the holy grail of the coffee world: a grinder that optimizes flavor from every bean. An Idaho couple has spent years perfecting a hand-cranked machine that's as good as much pricier models.

From Walter White To LBJ, Bryan Cranston Is A Master Of Transformation

While Breaking Bad fans were watching him portray Walt in the series' final episodes, Cranston was already reinventing himself — playing Lyndon B. Johnson in the play All the Way.

For Actor Michael Peña, A Transformative Role As Cesar Chavez

The new film Cesar Chavez tells the story of the civil rights leader who fought to secure a living wage and better working conditions for farm workers. Michael Peña talks about playing the lead role.