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Pat Neely Shares Holiday Comfort Food Ideas

Food Network host Pat Neely of Down Home With the Neelys, talks with host Michel Martin about why comfort food should be on every holiday table.

Narcissistic Or Not, 'Selfie' Is Nunberg's Word Of The Year

Linguist Geoff Nunberg says he feels a little defensive about choosing "selfie" — a word that wears its ephemerality on its outstretched sleeve — as the word of 2013. But not only was this a year when we couldn't stop posting photos of ourselves online; we couldn't stop talking about it either.

Watch This: Vince Gilligan's Favorite Dark Corners

From some very twisted — and very funny — British television to a '70s Jack Webb drama, the Breaking Bad creator shares his TV favorites for the occasional Morning Edition series Watch This.

Hollywood Holding On To Its Summer Love

Seventeen big-budget movies premiered this past summer, and almost all of them cost more than $100 million to make and about that much to promote. While only about 10 of them were solidly profitable, studios are not changing their strategies.

Seeking Wonderful Young Adult Novels That Deal With Race

What books that touch on topics of race would you recommend to a not-so-bookish teen? A reader asks us to share our suggestions.

The Man Who Duped Millionaires Into Paying Big Bucks For Fake Wine

Rudy Kurniawan, once considered one of the world's most formidable wine collectors, was convicted Wednesday of making cheap wine blends in his house and then passing them off as some of the rarest wines in the world, for thousands of dollars each, at auction.

African-American Woman To Run Humorous 'Harvard Lampoon' Magazine

The humor magazine The Harvard Lampoon was founded in 1876, but for the first time, an African-American woman will run things. Host Michel Martin talks with President-elect Alexis Wilkinson and Vice President-elect Eleanor Parker about their plans for the magazine.

Is Beyonce Still The Queen?

Pop star Beyonce's new surprise album has been getting a lot of buzz, but is it all it's cracked up to be? Beauty shop ladies Bridget Johnson, Aisha Harris, Danielle Belton and Anne Ishii weigh in.

Hear, Here: Four Audiobooks With A Brand New Sound

Forget the taped readings of yore. Today's audiobooks feature integrated musical performances, movie-quality sound effects and all-star casts of rotating narrators. Take a peek at the new world of listenable literature with AudioFile magazine founder Robin Whitten's list of four notable audiobooks from 2013.

From 'Crash Reel' To Recovery, And Everything In Between

NPR's Melissa Block talks with director Lucy Walker about her documentary The Crash Reel, which follows snowboarder Kevin Pearce from a devastating accident through his rehabilitation from a debilitating brain injury.