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Ben Stiller, Spinning Daydreams In 'Walter Mitty'

Known for his broad comedies, the actor takes a more serious turn in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, playing a man who copes with his boring life by creating a wild fantasy existence. He spoke with NPR's Melissa Block about the film, which he also directed.

From An Oscar Winner, A 'Past' Still Hauntingly Present

Director Asghar Farhadi's film — which follows a man returning to his estranged wife to finalize a divorce — has garnered quite a few awards. NPR's Bob Mondello says that it definitely deserves its accolades. (Recommended)

Angelina Didn't Help Educate People About Breast Cancer Risk

This summer, Angelina Jolie announced that she had both her breasts removed to reduce her risk of breast cancer. Her story got a lot of people talking. But they didn't necessarily learn more about the genetics of breast cancer risk.

Fair To Hate 'Papa Duck' For Being Authentic?

The Barbershop guys weigh in on the Duck Dynasty dust-up: should television patriarch Phil Robertson be punished for anti-gay comments? Or should people be more tolerant of his views? Host Michel Martin hears from writer Jimi Izrael, and journalists Corey Dade, Ammad Omar and Christopher Ave.

They're Back! Chesapeake Oysters Return To Menus After Rebound

The Chesapeake Bay once supplied most of the nation's oysters, but overharvesting and disease nearly wiped them out. Now, major public-private efforts to re-establish the oyster as a quality local food product appear to be working. And chefs say the results are sweeter than oysters from other waters.
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Remembering Those Lost In 2013 (Rebroadcast)

The list of those who passed away in 2013 includes giants from the worlds of politics and popular culture. The world also said goodbye this year to many people who may have been less noticeable, but whose subtle influences affected our everyday lives -- from the inventor of the computer mouse to a legendary "door man" at a prominent Washington music venue. We reflect on the stories of those lost in 2013.


Pa. Man Wins $1 Million Picasso With $140 Raffle Ticket

Jeffrey Gonano, 25, had the winning stub in a Sotheby's drawing for the Spanish master's 1914 cubist painting, "Man in the Opera Hat."

A Town, A Team, And A Dream That Just Won't Die

NPR's Melissa Block talks with Davy Rothbart, co-director of the documentary Medora -- the story of a shrinking Indiana town and its hard-luck high-school basketball team.

'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch Suspended Over Anti-Gay Comments

One of the stars of the reality TV show Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, has been suspended by A+E. He made antigay statements in an interview with a magazine. Duck Dynasty is a huge media property, with a hit TV show that has been spun off into publishing and merchandising.

Geeky Gamers Feast Upon Settlers Of Catan Cookbook

Deconstructed salads and nachos go in hexagonal bowls that mimic the layout of the German board game with a cult following. Cookbook author Chris-Rachel Oseland says that the recipes are perfect for die-hard players with dietary restrictions.