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Book News: Sushmita Banerjee, Indian Author Who Fled Taliban, Shot Dead

Also: Rush Limbaugh is coming out with a childrens' book; T.C. Boyle on writing; Batwoman authors plan to quit the series.

Was Your Chicken Nugget Made In China? It'll Soon Be Hard To Know

The USDA has quietly ended a ban on processed chicken imports from China. The products won't require a country-of-origin label — which means there's no way to know whether those chicken nuggets in the freezer aisle came from a country with a spotty food safety reputation.

'Smitten Kitchen' Author On Learning To Love Kale

Food blogger Deb Perelman did not jump on the kale bandwagon. "I've often thought the world would be a better place if we could stop pretending that kale tastes good," she says. But one salad changed her mind.

Swing Your Partner: W.Va. Circles Back To Square Dancing

Communities are coming together to keep the square-dancing tradition alive, hoping to pass the heritage on to future generations. A statewide project aims to bring back what was once a pillar of small-town life.

What Elevated Kale From Vegetable To Cultural Identifier?

Of all the healthy foods you could eat, what inspires some people to wear kale T-shirts and sport kale stickers? Why do some people see kale as a part of their identities?

What's Mittens Thinking? Make 'Sense' Of Your Cat's Behavior

Kitties don't play — they hunt. And their aloof appearance has evolutionary roots. In a new book, anthrozoologist John Bradshaw explains cats' mysterious nature and looks at how the cat's relationship with humans has changed over the years.
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Virginia Musician Introduces New Album, New Moniker

We talk with singer-songwriter Andy Zipf about his new moniker, The Cowards Choir, and his newly-released album, Reunion.

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National Geographic Society Brings 'Bell' To Life

A new play by journalist Jim Lehrer explores the life of the Washingtonian best known for inventing the telephone: Alexander Graham Bell.

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Recreating Baltimore's Famous Star Spangled Banner

Two hundred years after the Star Spangled Banner fluttered over Baltimore's Fort McHenry, the famous flag is being recreated by the Maryland Historical Society.

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Maryland Town Celebrates Its 15 Hours Of Fame

One Montgomery County town claims it was the U.S. capital for nearly 15 hours during the War of 1812.