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Jay Z Adds Another Problem To Add To His 99: Barneys

Host Michel Martin talks with the Beauty Shop ladies about the thin line between creative and offensive Halloween costumes. They also discuss claims of racially profiling by retailer Barneys.

Haiku In The News: Reality In Riyadh

Finding poetry / In the news of the moment / Can be meaningful.

When Celebrity Retirements Don't Quite Stick

When a celebrity athlete, actor or musician calls it quits, there's often a bit of fanfare — a big announcement, a farewell tour, maybe an exit interview. But then, the retirement doesn't always stick. Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne round up some celebrity retirement reversals.

Brick-And-Mortar Bookstores Play The Print Card Against Amazon

When Amazon revamped its publishing wing, a lot of booksellers said enough is enough: They refused to stock Amazon Publishing's books, and Barnes & Noble followed suit. Now, with the departure of a star talent and some book releases that fell flat, many say Amazon Publishing may in trouble.

A Japanese iPhone Gadget Teases The Tummy With Food Smells

Scentee draws power from an iPhone to blast you with the smell of hearty meat or lavender. But could the synthetic smell of meat trick your brain into thinking you're eating meat instead of plain rice?

Poet Nikki Giovanni On The Darker Side Of Her Life

Nikki Giovanni is one of the most celebrated living poets, known for beautiful descriptions of family, friends, politics and even food. Host Michel Martin talks with Giovanni about her "truth telling" and some of the surprises in her latest collection, Chasing Utopia.

Etsy's New Policy Means Some Items Are 'Handmade In Spirit'

Online marketplace Etsy is a hive for creative vendors selling handmade goods. But the site recently said it will allow sellers to outsource their manufacturing. Some vendors with growing businesses are delighted at this news; others feel Etsy is abandoning its small enterprises.

Biography Doesn't Hold Back On The Man In Black's Darkest Years

Through all the pain and redemption, "Johnny Cash was a good man," author Robert Hilburn tells NPR's David Greene. Hilburn's new biography of the late country singer is titled Johnny Cash: The Life.

In Cambodia, A Tide Of 'Change' Sweeps Some Lives Under

For young Cambodians, the promise of modernization comes paired with a threat: the rapid erasure of traditional ways of life. In A River Changes Course, filmmaker Kalyanee Mam follows three young Cambodians, finding in their stories a set of questions and challenges that are surprisingly universal.

Sandwich Monday: Lard Bread

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try lard bread, which is even more appetizing than it sounds. Mostly found in Brooklyn, it's soon to be found inside us.