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The Good, The Bad And The Hot: Movies To Warm Winter's Bite

As much of the country shivers in the grip of a nasty winter, NPR movie critic Bob Mondello ponders cinematic heat — the movies that smolder, swelter and sizzle no matter what the mercury says.

Acclaimed Documentary Filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky Dies At 58

Sinofsky and his longtime co-director, Joe Berlinger, are perhaps best known for Paradise Lost, a trilogy of films about three teenagers convicted of killing three little boys in West Memphis, Ark.

How To Help Your Child's Brain Grow Up Strong

In a new book, neuroscientists Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt detail how parents can help their children learn the ABCs and self-control. The book, Welcome to Your Child's Brain, explores how the human brain develops from infancy to adolescence.

Exclusive First Read: Colson Whitehead's 'The Noble Hustle'

Colson Whitehead's account of his anhedonic adventures at the World Series of Poker is tough and tasty — like a good piece of beef jerky.

Not Just Eating Bugs For Money! A Story Of 'Survivor' And Strategy

What's the actual appeal of Survivor for people who have been watching it for almost 15 years, through what will soon be 30 seasons? Believe it or not: strategy.
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Can Community-Supported Agriculture Be A Model For The Art World?

A new exhibit explores the possibility of "community-supported art": a funding model inspired by community-supported agriculture programs.


Produce Pride: Showing The Love With Vegetable Tattoos

Vegetable tattoos, both temporary and permanent, can make for beautiful body art. Some enthusiasts are hoping to use them to encourage healthy, seasonal eating.

Amid Declining Ratings, Cable Networks Speed Up Reruns To Make Room For Ads

If you've been noticing that cable reruns of your favorite sitcom sound a little strange, you might be on to something. We'll look at the trend of compressing shows to make room for, of course, more commercials.

After His Brother's Suicide, Writer Seeks Comfort In 'All The Wrong Places'

In his new memoir, Philip Connors writes about "living in the shadow of a suicide." Wracked by guilt and haunted by what-ifs, Connors investigated his brother's death and learned a terrible secret.

Fair Warning: Watch One 'Foyle's War' Episode, And You'll Want To Watch Them All

The British series is set during and after World War II. Detective Foyle tackles crimes connected to the war — murder and spying, black markets and profiteering. It's "terrifically entertaining."