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'Custer's Trials' Examines The Legacy Of A Complicated American Figure

T.J. Stiles' biography of Cornelius Vanderbilt earned the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize. Steve Inskeep talks with Stiles about his new book, Custer's Trials, on George Armstrong Custer.

Comparing Presidential Candidates' Language To Books In 'The New York Times'

Josh Katz discusses his most recent graphic "Matching Candidates With Books They Sound Like" for "The Upshot" in The New York Times. The piece compared the speaking styles of different presidential candidates to word choices in popular books based on how complex, positive or negative the candidates' speeches are.

Spellbinding 'Witches' Offers A Fresh Take On A Familiar Story

In her new book, Stacy Schiff evokes the world of Salem, Mass., and the bitter winter of 1692 when 19 people were hanged for witchcraft. Reviewer Maureen Corrigan calls The Witches a "haunting" tale.

Oncologist Discusses Advancements In Treatment And The Ongoing War On Cancer

During his decades-long career, oncologist Vincent DeVita helped develop the combination chemotherapy regimen that cures most cases of Hodgkin's lymphoma. His new book is The Death of Cancer.

From 'Carol Burnett' To 'Mad Men', Here Are Four DVD Box Sets Worth Buying

Despite the popularity of streaming services, DVD box sets continue to be released, and embraced, by serious fans and collectors. TV critic David Bianculli details four recent releases he treasures.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Oct. 28, 2015

You can hear a variety of musical styles performed by a versatile band, or fight off zombies while trying to survive in an immersive theater experience.


But Is It Art? Cleaning Crew Thought It Was Garbage

An exhibit at a modern art gallery in Italy that consisted of empty champagne bottles, confetti and cigarette butts was cleaned up and thrown out by accident.

Why Are Old Women Often The Face Of Evil In Fairy Tales And Folklore?

Evil stepmothers, witches and crones: When they aren't poisoning princesses, they're mangling mermaids or trying to eat children. One writer traces these villains' roots to a fear of female power.

Syrian Author Finds 'The Arab Of The Future' In His Own Past

Riad Sattouf is a Syrian-French cartoonist who brings to life the Middle East in the 1980s. Published as a graphic novel, it provides a humorous and intimate view of the author's youth.

After 40 Years, Dungeons & Dragons Still Brings Players To The Table

Michael Witwer, who has written a book about game co-creator Gary Gygax, says D&D does something that online games don't: It brings players physically together to participate in group storytelling.