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Those Yoga Poses May Not Be Ancient After All, And Maybe That's OK

In her new book, Michelle Goldberg traces the Western practice of yoga to a Russian woman named Indra Devi. Goldberg says that many of the poses in modern yoga can't be traced beyond 150 years ago.

In 'Eating Lab,' A Psychologist Spills Secrets On Why Diets Fail

Diets will rarely lead to significant or sustainable weight loss, Traci Mann argues in a new book. Instead, she suggests trying proven mental strategies for reaching your "leanest, livable weight."

'Call Me Caitlyn': Bruce Jenner Reveals New Name

Today's revelation came in Vanity Fair. The former Olympic gold-medal-winning decathlete had revealed recently that "for all intents and purposes" he is a woman.

A Manifesto On Diversity In Public Media

The host of the award-winning programs State of the Re:Union and Reveal shares his ideas about making public radio sound more like America.

Cyber Archaeologists Rebuild Destroyed Artifacts

Hundreds of ancient artifacts have been damaged or destroyed during violence in the Middle East. Researchers are using the power of crowdsourcing and 3-D imaging to re-create the ancient artifacts.

Rich Housewives Go Under The Microscope In 'Primates Of Park Avenue'

In her new book, social researcher Wednesday Martin examines the sometimes puzzling culture of motherhood in that most exotic of locales — Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Mickey Mouse Spoke For The First Time 86 Years Ago Today

When Mickey first hit the silver screen, he was quiet as the proverbial mouse. He was an instant success, and Disney decided to give him a voice. He first spoke in an animated short film called The Karnival Kid. What were Mickey's first words?

From Cuba To Florida: Diana Nyad's Final Attempt At A Record-Breaking Swim

When the distance swimmer turned 60, she vowed to complete her life's biggest challenge: a 110-mile swim from Havana to Key West. It was her fifth attempt at the feat — and, ultimately, a triumph.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, June 1, 2015

Three writers come alive onstage through their words and the love of those who followed them.


Racial Diversity Grows On Network Television, But Will Quality Lag Behind?

Network TV's fall schedule has a lot of new shows with non-white stars and casts. But NPR television critic Eric Deggans wonders if those series will explore race and culture as well as current shows.