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Georgia's Giant Clay Pots Hold An 8,000-Year-Old Secret To Great Wine

Making ancient Georgian wine is pretty uncomplicated: Toss grapes into a huge, egg-shaped pot, bury it, walk away. What comes out is an orange wine with a deep tannin flavor prized around the world.

Bombs Blast And Time Marches On In 'A God In Ruins'

Kate Atkinson's novel both mourns the passing of the World War II generation and allows readers to vicariously enter into the experience of the war. It's a companion to her 2013 book, Life After Life.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, June 8, 2015

In two exhibits, women use art to share their thoughts on the natural world. A classic French comedy gives power to the 99%, which in this case are madwomen and social outcasts who have a bone to pick with the corporate powers that be.


In Debut Novel, Air Force Officer Questions How We Honor Our Veterans

Jesse Goolsby, author of I'd Walk with My Friends If I Could Find Them, says it's not only a question of appreciation. "We just want a conversation about what our country asks of us," Goolsby says.

Take Two (Letters) And Solve Me In The Morning

Every answer today is a made-up two-word phrase, in which the two words rhyme. The initials of the two words will be provided, along with a one-word clue.

As 'Orange' Season 3 Begins, We Still Don't Know Why Poussey's In Prison

Samira Wiley has spent most of her career onstage and is used to filling in blanks about her characters. But she's reluctant to do so for her role on the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

First-Time Tony Award Nominees Enjoy New Fame, But Keep Day Jobs

This year, several writers are up for Tony awards for the first time. But while the experience may be a time to celebrate, they're sticking to their day jobs and already eyeing the next project.

Dante Guides A Husband Through Grief 'In A Dark Wood'

Joseph Luzzi used Dante's epic poem "The Divine Comedy" to get him through the grief of his wife's sudden death. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Luzzi.

Deep Connections Link The Stories In 'Louisa Meets Bear'

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Lisa Gornick about her new collection of short stories, Louisa Meets Bear. The stories chart the way small decisions can ripple through seemingly unconnected lives.

'Balm' Looks At Civil War After The Battles, Outside The South

In her new novel, Dolen Perkins-Valdez wanted to look beyond the traditional frame for Civil War stories. Her book is set in Chicago and opens as the nation is struggling to heal.