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Actor Idris Elba To U.K. Politicians: More Diverse Roles Needed

"When you don't reflect the real world, too much talent gets trashed," the Golden Globe winner says. Elba is scheduled to speak to senior TV executives and more than 100 members of Parliament.
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Wendell Pierce On Acting, New Orleans, And His Memoir, "The Wind in the Reeds" (Rebroadcast)

Best known as "Bunk" from the TV series "The Wire," Wendell Pierce is now working to rebuild his old neighborhood, Pontchartrain Park, one of New Orleans' first middle-class African American communities.


Superlatives Notwithstanding, Even 'The Force' Has Its Limits

NPR film critic Bob Mondello has been listening to the Star Wars hype train. Here's why he isn't climbing aboard.

Chef Trades Toque For Amish Beard, Opens Off-The-Grid Deli In Maine

A Chicago chef tired of the kitchen grind moved his family to join an Amish community in Maine. He's now selling charcuterie and cheese from a cabin in the woods.

YouTube Star Talks Space With President Obama

Rocket scientist and YouTube star, Destin Sandlin, got to interview President Obama. NPR's Rachel Martin asks Sandlin about what the two spoke about. Space, of course!

'Fake Missed Connections' A Genre Of Its Own

Brett Fletcher Lauer was lost after his divorce and began posting fake "missed connections" on Craigslist. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to him about his book "Fake Missed Connections."

A Pathway To Kindness, In 12 Difficult Steps

The friends behind the blog 40 Days of Dating are trying a new experiment with one question in mind: Can a yearlong 12-step program make you kinder and more empathetic?

A Belgian Playwright Tackles Muslim Radicalization With Comedy

"We have a problem," says Belgian Muslim playwright Ismaël Saïdi. His solution: writing and producing a comedy play about three men who go to fight a holy war. It's become an unlikely hit in Brussels.

With Leap To HBO, Big Bird's Got A Brand-New Way To Get To 'Sesame Street'

Shiny new digs (in more ways than one) are reshaping the children's TV show, which premieres Saturday on HBO. The show's executive producer — and Elmo himself — tell how the neighborhood's changed.

What Happens When You Get Sir Mix-A-Lot's Phone Number

A law student got a new phone number, and began receiving risqué pictures and offers to test drive Lamborghinis.