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Girls Are Taught To 'Think Pink,' But That Wasn't Always So

After World War II ended, Rosie the Riveter traded in her factory blues for June Cleaver's pink apron. A new exhibit traces pink back to the beginning — when plenty of boys wore it, too.

Son Of A Secret Smuggler Digs Up The Truth About His Dad

Tony Dokoupil's father was once busted for distributing enough marijuana "to roll a joint for every college-age person in America." In The Last Pirate, Dokoupil reflects on his dad's time as a dealer.

Sandwich Monday: The Waffle Taco From Taco Bell

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we sample the long-awaited Taco Bell Breakfast Menu. Its centerpiece is a celebratory wedding of waffles and tacos.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, March 31

Women rule the stage in an upcoming concert and ongoing theatrical performance.


In Kitchens Around The World, Comfort Foods Bring Us Together

Chef Carla Hall invites us over to make spanakopita, one of her favorite Greek dishes. Her new cookbook is all about celebrating the way home-cooked meals unite us — no matter where we're from.

In Civilian Snapshot Of Iraq, An Artist Is A 'Corpse Washer'

The Corpse Washer, set in Baghdad in 2003, shows the U.S. invasion through the eyes of an aspiring Shiite artist and a handler of the dead. Author Sinan Antoon says he wanted to share a new viewpoint.

Three Bedtime Picture Books That Won't Put Parents To Sleep

Librarian Margaret Willison shares recommendations that both children and parents can love. From detailed illustrations to word tricks, she offers tips for making repetitive reading more enjoyable.

Cesar Millan's Long Walk To Becoming The 'Dog Whisperer'

Millan is one of the world's most famous dog trainers, with TV shows and best-selling books. But his journey was arduous: He came to the U.S. illegally and was homeless before he got his big break.

The Ides Of March Madness: 'Who's Gonna Stop Prospero?'

A bracket pitting Shakespeare's plays against each other led stage actor Paul O'Brien of Charleston, S.C., to break down the matchups.
Saturday, May 10, 2014

Children's Chorus Of Washington

The "American Voices" concert will feature all five of the Children's Chorus of Washington's award-winning choral ensembles.