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Filmmaker David Cross Says It's No Wonder We All Want Fame

The Arrested Development actor makes his directorial debut with the film Hits, which explores how easy it is to become famous in our celebrity-obsessed culture.

Not My Job: Three Questions About Bass (The Fish) For Lance Bass (The Singer)

This week we're recording our show in Orlando, Fla., birthplace of the massively popular boy band NSYNC.

In Art For The Blind, Touching Exhibits Is Mandatory

Museums are filled with signs that say "do not touch." But a current exhibition at the Museo del Prado in Madrid wants you to do just the opposite. The exhibit is designed for blind people.

The Other Chocolate Tries For Sweet Redemption

Some say white chocolate has a bad reputation because of its history of poor quality ingredients. But aficionados say its mellow sweetness can bring out flavors that bitter dark chocolate smothers.

For Three Comedians, Valentine's Day Makes For One Big Joke

Whether they find Valentine's Day "icky," or the "Christmas of love," stand-up comics Jim Gaffigan, Marina Franklin and Ted Alexandro all find plenty of funny material in romance — or the lack of it.

A Berkeley Student Comes Home In 'Braggsville,' With Consequences

T. Geronimo Johnson's new novel follows a young man from a small Georgia town who comes home from college with a multicultural crew of friends, and plans for a disruptive (if well-intentioned) prank.

Hugh Grant On Smart Romantic Comedies And Standing Up To The Tabloids

In The Rewrite Grant plays a washed-up Hollywood screenwriter who takes a job teaching at a college. Recently, Grant has been fighting against British tabloids using illegal hacking tactics.

Dangerous Freedoms And Fading Memories In 'Find Me'

Imagine a future where an epidemic that erases memories (and eventually kills) takes over the country: That's the setting for the first novel from celebrated short story writer Laura Van Den Berg.

Gary Owens, 'Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In' Announcer, Dies

Owens, known for his baritone, parlayed his role on Laugh-In into a long career of voice-over work in more than a dozen movies and many TV shows. He was 80-years-old.

See What 'Saturday Night Live' Looks Like The Rest Of The Week

Saturday Night Live celebrates its 40th anniversary on Sunday. Throughout, the show's two photographers have been flies on the wall, capturing read-throughs, rehearsals and back-stage shenanigans.