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100 Years Later, What's The Legacy Of 'Birth Of A Nation'?

D.W. Griffith's film premiered in Los Angeles a century ago Sunday. In many ways, the movie — three hours of racist propaganda — was the beginning of Hollywood.

Obama's 'Body Man' Looks Back On His Presidential Education

Reggie Love went from playing sports at Duke to working as Barack Obama's personal assistant. His new memoir, Power Forward, describes what he learned on the campaign trail and in the White House.
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Big And Rare: Exhibit On Renaissance Painter Comes To D.C.

Piero di Cosimo painted on large wood panels. Getting a lot of them in one place isn't easy.

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Multiple Angles On Man Ray's Creativity

A new exhibit at the Phillips Collection gets inside Man Ray's "Shakespearean Equations" series.


What Do We Do 'In The Shadows?' Dishes, Mostly

Jemaine Clement, famed Flight of the Conchords member, is now a vampire. He and co-star/director Taika Waititi play squabbling bloodsucker flatmates in the new mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows.

Black And Female In Jim Crow Era, A Reporter In 'Jam! On the Vine'

The new novel follows a black journalist in Kansas City in the aftermath of the Civil War. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with LaShonda Katrice Barnett about her book.

Christian Grey Began His Fictional Career As A Vampire

Fifty Shades of Grey started out as fan fiction for the young adult series, Twilight, and morphed into a racy tale about a kinky billionaire.

Two Is Company, Three Is A Crowd

For each familiar two-word phrase, use the first three letters of the first word and the first three letters of the second word to start two other words that have opposite meanings of each other.

Ornery Artist's Hand-Lettered Screeds Helped Him Keep The World At Bay

Jesse Howard filled his property with signs that proclaimed his disappointment with the world. The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis recently opened the first comprehensive survey of his work.

Not Too Much, Not Too Little: Sweden, In A Font

Sweden's government commissioned a typeface to represent the country on websites and elsewhere. The result, the designers of Swedish Sans say, reflects the clean and easygoing Scandinavian aesthetic.