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Sundance Preview: Film Festival To Tackle Gun Violence

The Sundance Film Festival gets underway Thursday night in Park City, Utah. NPR explores the themes of the festival and which films are getting big buzz.

The Audacious Korean-American Chef Who Mastered 'Mission Chinese Food'

Born in South Korea, raised in Oklahoma, Danny Bowien was an adult when he taught himself to make Chinese food. That DIY vibe to his cooking has made him a rising star. Now he's written a cookbook.

Messy And Absurd, 'London Spy' Mixes Espionage With Genuine Emotion

Fresh Air critic John Powers says the five-part BBC America show pulls off something ambitious: It keeps viewers enthralled with its intensity, while catching them in "a lingering emotional undertow."

'Times' Restaurant Critic Dishes On Guy Fieri And The Art Of Reviewing

Restaurant critic Pete Wells tries to keep the customer in mind with all of his reviews. "We show awful lot of deference to chefs in our culture and maybe not enough deference to customers," he says.
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Tessa Hadley: "The Past"

British author Tessa Hadley's new novel "The Past" -- about a family gathering for a three-week holiday in their late grandparents' home -- is getting rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. The author and frequent New Yorker contributor joins guest host Susan Page to discuss the new book, and why it took decades to publish her first novel and hit her stride as a writer.


When 'Your Heart Is A Muscle,' Empathy Is A Revolutionary Act

Writer Sunil Yapa says his father taught him to have a global perspective from a very young age. Yapa's new novel was inspired by explosive global trade protests that took place in Seattle in 1999.

Creative Director Of American 'Vogue,' Grace Coddington, Steps Down

The 74-year-old stylist will scale back her role, becoming creative director at-large. She entered the fashion industry as a model at 17, then found an influential niche at the magazine.

Francisco Alarcon, Whose Poetry Explored Chicano Life In The U.S., Dies

Francisco Alarcon was an important Mexican-American poet who influenced generations of Chicano writers, including the current U.S. poet laureate. Alarcon died of cancer last week.

Nielsen To Use Facebook And Twitter In New Social TV Ratings

Nielsen, the ratings company, says it has a way to track what TV shows are trending on Twitter and Facebook, which will give producers and advertisers a better way to measure audiences. NPR explores what this adds to the growing effort to measure online audience.

Today's Slaves Often Work For Enterprises That Destroy The Environment

Kevin Bales' book, Blood and Earth, explains why slavery in the world's lawless zones is essential to operate mines that pose a grave threat to the environment.