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No Joke: Hollywood Comedy Producer Finds Career In Prison Reform

Scott Budnick hit it big in Hollywood as an executive producer of the Hangover movies. Then, in 2013, he decided to leave it all behind and focus full time on helping young people in prison.

Cyberpsychologist: Online, 'Every Contact Leaves A Trace'

Mary Aiken, who examines digital fingerprints to help solve crimes, is the real-life inspiration for the lead investigator on CSI: Cyber. She says she works where "humans and technology collide."

Ken Jeong: Doctor By Day, Comedian By Night

Before Ken Jeong played Señor Chang in Community and the infamous Mr. Chow in The Hangover, his patients knew him as Dr. Jeong. This piece originally aired on All Things Considered on April 5, 2014.

Seniors Speed-Date In 'Age Of Love'

In his new documentary, The Age of Love, filmmaker Steven Loring profiled several people between 70 and 90 at a speed dating event in Rochester, N.Y.

The Seratones Rock The Tiny Desk With A Jungle Beat

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to AJ Haynes and Adam Davis of the Louisiana rock band Seratones. The group had a entry to the recent NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest, though they didn't win the final prize.

Helen Mirren Extends Her Elizabethan Reign In 'The Audience'

Playwright Peter Morgan eavesdrops on more than 60 years of private conversations between Queen Elizabeth II, played by Mirren, and her prime ministers in The Audience.

Broken Family Needs To Have A 'Man At The Helm'

In Nina Stibbe's new novel, Man at the Helm, Lizzie, 9, wants to find a man for her newly divorced mother. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Stibbe about the freedom of writing in a child's voice.

City And Stating The Obvious

Letters that start the name of a city are combined with letters that start the name of its state to spell a word. What are the city and state? For the word "latex," the answer would be Laredo, Texas.
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Kennedy Center Shines Light On Spanish And Portuguese Art

The Kennedy Center is putting the spotlight on cultural contributions from the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds and beyond, including some lesser-known work by a famous Spanish artist.

Movie Chains Balk At Netflix's Plan For Simultaneous Release

The streaming service plans to release Beasts Of No Nation, starring Idris Elba, in theaters and online at the same time. But at least four major movie theater chains won't be showing it.