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Examining Hollywood's Pay Disparities

Hollywood's female stars have increasingly been speaking out about being paid less than their male costars. Hollywood Reporter's Matthew Belloni discusses the film industry's pay disparities with NPR's Arun Rath.

From Adman To Stand-Up: Jim Gaffigan's Transition Took A Few Good Naps

The comedian once worked in advertising — until he got caught dozing on the job. So, he took his savings and stepped on stage. Still, it was years before he hit his big break: a gig on the Late Show.

Written In Spanish About Belgium By A Colombian, 'It Feels American'

Nearly 15 years after his story collection was published in Spanish, Juan Gabriel Vásquez's Lovers on All Saints' Day has gotten an English translation. He explains the book's patchwork provenance.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, July 20, 2015

You can see a drama that asks audience members to try to examine mental illness through a mother’s eyes. A musical about a young orphan opens in Bethesda.


Turkish TV Travels Far As Craze For Dramas Goes Global

The Turkish television industry is booming. Audience numbers spike at the end of Ramadan, when viewers around the world tune in in massive numbers — but there's year-round enthusiasm, too.

Cosby, In Sworn Deposition, Says He Paid Women To Keep Affairs Secret

In a New York Times exclusive based on new documents related to a 2005 case, the comedian presents himself "as an unapologetic, cavalier playboy."

Relieve The Duties Of A Letter: Make Believe, And Make It Better

Change a letter in each word to make two new words. The letter you change must be in the same position in each word. And the letter you change each of them to will be the same letter of the alphabet.

Hacking Iconic New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp Far From The Gulf

Barbecue shrimp from Pascal's Manale is one of New Orleans' most beloved and copied dishes. Since it's hard to find head-on shrimp far from the Gulf, chef Mark DeFelice says use more spice.

The Orchestral-Rock-Folk-Synth-Jazz Sound Of L'anarchiste

NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Rob LeCheminant and Alex Gilvarry of the Utah-based band L'anarchiste. The band's new album, Giant, is a blend of classical and folk, synthesized and acoustic.

Big News: Tiny Parks Coming Soon To A Parking Spot Near You

The District of Columbia opened its first semipermanent tiny park. The parklet's creators hope the new space will encourage pedestrians to hang out, while others worry about losing parking spaces.