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A Comedian And An Angry Kid Find An Unexpected Connection On Twitter

When you're yelling on the Internet, it's hard to remember that there's a real person on the receiving end. But comedian Chris Gethard recently connected with a kid who sent him a foul-mouthed tweet.

The Anxious Art Of Japanese Painter (And 'Enemy Alien') Yasuo Kuniyoshi

After moving to the U.S. in 1906, Kuniyoshi became a prize-winning artist. But with World War II, things changed. "When he walked down the street," says one curator, "he looked like the enemy."

Dining Like Darwin: When Scientists Swallow Their Subjects

Some scientists carry on the tradition of eating the animals or plants they study: leeches, tadpoles, 30,000-year-old bison. Darwin did it first, but why do it at all? Call it all-consuming curiosity.

NFL 'Deflategate' Saga Continues With Both Sides Back In Federal Court

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots star Tom Brady were in court today to update a judge on settlement talks regarding the quarterback's four-game suspension.

Unfolding The History Of Napkin Art

The simple napkin has a surprisingly complex history. The masterful table centerpieces of the Renaissance were rich in status and meaning.

A Picasso, A Yacht And A Dollop Of International Intrigue

A Spanish billionaire had the painting on his yacht, but wanted to sell it in Europe. Spanish authorities intervened, calling the Picasso a "national treasure" that can't be sold abroad.

Music Journalist Chronicles The 'Wild Obsessive Hunt' For Rare 78 RPM Records

In Do Not Sell At Any Price, Amanda Petrusich details the extreme measures collectors take in pursuit of rare 78s. "You can still find quite a few of them around at junk shops," she says.

Confronting Mortality In An Unsettling, Inspiring 'Tour Of Bones'

Before her death in 2014, author Denise Inge took a spiritual journey to bone houses throughout Europe. Critic Maureen Corrigan says the resulting book, The Tour of Bones, is "strange and chaotic."

Donald Trump's Policy Positions Lack Specifics ... So Far

The billionaire businessman and GOP presidential front-runner wants to "Make America Great Again!" But much of how he plans to do that is still a mystery.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Aug. 11, 2015

A new sculpture exhibit goes on view this week. American bands take to the stage at Wolf Trap.