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Never Seen And Sometimes Barely Heard, Loopers Fill In Hollywood's Soundtrack

In movies, crowd noise, hospital waiting room chatter and barroom brawl sounds are created by voice actors called loopers. "If it's done right, you shouldn't even notice it," one sound mixer says.
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Where To See Oscar-Nominated Films Before The Oscars

It’s not too late to watch this year’s Oscar-nominated movies before the 87th Annual Academy Awards: Numerous D.C.-area theaters are showing the films through the weekend.

David Remnick Looks Back On Tough Decisions As 'The New Yorker' Turns 90

Remnick, who became editor in 1998, talks about his early days at the magazine and his biggest regret: He says he'd "love to have another crack" at covering Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Feb. 18, 2015

You can see a modern interpretation of a Shakespeare play or celebrate a belated Mardi Gras with music from New Orleans.


Hollywood Food Stylists Know: You Can't Film Styrofoam Cake And Eat It, Too

Melissa McSorley's job is to make food look good — and last — on camera. Sometimes that means cooking 800 Cubano sandwiches, other times it means scooping butter instead of ice cream.
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Bowser Feeling Heat For Canceling Art Museum Project At Franklin School

Critics are scratching their heads over Mayor Bowser's decision to cancel the contract for the contemporary arts museum project at the Franklin School.

Swiss Village + West Virginia + Mardi Gras Feast = Fasnacht

Isolated in the West Virginia wilderness, the tiny town of Helvetia clings to its distinctly Swiss character and foodways. It all culminates with a pre-Lenten festival where food takes center stage.

In Richard Price's New Novel, Haunted Cops And Cases They Couldn't Close

Price says that in every precinct there's one cop who just can't let go of a case. "They all reminded me of Ahab ... looking for their whales," he says. Price's latest is called The Whites.

Fat Tuesday Nordic-Style Means Big, Sweet Buns

Few of the rollicking traditions of Catholic Mardi Gras remain in heavily Lutheran Scandinavia. But the Nordic countries and their culinary outposts in the U.S. still celebrate with the yeasty treats.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Feb. 17, 2015

These two productions put the spotlight on women, but in different ways.