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TV Series Review: 'Fargo' Returns To FX

FX's TV adaptation of Fargo returns for a second season Monday night. Our critic says the new episodes are a quirky, creative reinvention that improves on an already stellar show.

Workers Are Tearing Down Tokyo's Hotel Okura, And History's Going With It

The landmark Hotel Okura's design didn't meet the need for more rooms for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Now, an icon of Japanese mid-century modern architecture will disappear.

Parables For Understanding A Nation's Racial 'Sin'

Rev. Jim Wallis leads the Sojourners, a Christian social justice group. He's known for mixing faith with public life, urging candidates to discuss moral issues in ways that transcends divisions.
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New Baltimore Exhibit Captures African-American Life On Eastern Shore

In a new exhibit running through April at Baltimore's Reginald F. Lewis Museum, artist Ruth Starr Rose captures moments of everyday African-American life on Maryland's Eastern Shore in the 1920s and 30s.

Dance, Sing, Just 'Keep Moving,' Dick Van Dyke Tells Seniors

As he approaches his 90th birthday, the energetic, award-winning actor shares his tips on how to enjoy aging — and has a new book to prove it. It's all about attitude and staying active, he says.

An Unexpected Revival For A Beloved Russian Poet

Singer Iris Dement's new album is based on the work of the late Anna Akhmatova, whose spare, insightful lines addressed the ambiguities of love and the tumult of Soviet times.

'Thirteen Ways' Lifts Darkness Through Storytelling

Colum McCann's latest book, Thirteen Ways of Looking, takes on parenthood, loss and just how arbitrary life can be. McCann says talking about traumatic experiences can be "a fantastic catharsis."

Prize By Design: How The Nobels Put Artists On Deadline

Each Nobel Prize winner gets a diploma with original artwork interpreting their achievement. That means artists have to figure out how to portray, say, a Higgs boson — and they have to do it quickly.

In 'Steve Jobs,' A Life Told In 3 Acts — And Countless Complexities

The mercurial Apple co-founder helped shape the world and our daily lives. Still, director Danny Boyle says, while "he's made some of the most beautiful things imaginable, he is himself poorly made."

Not My Job: Comedian Carol Burnett Gets Quizzed On Cougars (The Cats, Of Course)

In the 1970s, families would sit down together every Saturday to watch The Carol Burnett Show. The first five seasons of the legendary variety show are now out on DVD.