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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, July 9, 2015

You can release your inner child at an architecture installation or hire a babysitter for your actual child and go see a violent Capital Fringe play.


Take A Trip To D.C.'s Indoor Beach, Where It's Always 75 And Sunny

The National Building Museum has created an unusual oasis — an ocean of 700,000 plastic balls — where D.C. locals and tourists can take refuge from the city's sweltering heat.

Architects Say Beyonce Inspired Australian Skyscraper

The architects of an office tower planned for Melbourne say its silvery curves pay homage to Beyonce. The design has an uncanny resemblance to the star's body.

Chicago To Replace Famed Ferris Wheel With Taller One

NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Alexander Eisenschmidt, an assistant professor of architecture at University of Illinois at Chicago, about the new Chicago Ferris Wheel.

In Philadelphia's Fishtown, A Fierce Debate Over The Fate Of A Polish Church

The Philadelphia Archdiocese has plans to demolish the city's oldest Polish church, but it's facing strong resistance: Longtime parishioners and neighborhood newcomers have joined forces in protest.

Detroit's Iconic Fisher Building Up For Auction

An important part of Detroit's skyline is on the auction block — the 29-story Fisher Building. The bank foreclosed on it, and next week, it goes up for sale online.

A Moat? A Ditch? How To Secure The White House Grounds

How do you design a White House fence to keep out intruders, without making the president's front lawn feel like a prison yard? Architecture critic Alexandra Lange tells NPR's Scott Simon.

Tech Startup Harnesses Virtual Reality For Use In Architecture

A startup company called The Third Fate envisions virtual reality as a way for architects and builders to offer tours of their designs before they're even constructed.

Paris Officials Begin Removing Love Locks From Iconic Bridges

City authorities in Paris are removing engraved padlocks left by lovers on some bridges over the Seine river. On Monday, 700,000 locks were taken off just one bridge. Officials say the romantic gesture has become so popular it now threatens the structure safety of the bridges.

Cyber Archaeologists Rebuild Destroyed Artifacts

Hundreds of ancient artifacts have been damaged or destroyed during violence in the Middle East. Researchers are using the power of crowdsourcing and 3-D imaging to re-create the ancient artifacts.