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50,000 Stray Dogs In Detroit? That 'Makes No Sense'

Rescue groups and others dealing with a real problem — packs of stray dogs in many parts of the city — are inflating the figures, a Detroit journalist argues.

Sea Monster? Explanation Is Much Less Mysterious

Just what did wash up on a beach? At first, there was wild speculation. Now, the thinking is much less dramatic. But check out photos of the rather gross remains found in Spain.

Latest Nasdaq Glitch Was Not Squirrel Related

The bushy-tailed rodents have halted the flow of capitalism before. Once in 1987 and again in 1994. Squirrels chewed through a key Nasdaq computer cable.
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Two Bull Sharks Caught In The Potomac River

A pair of bull sharks more than eight feet long were pulled from the Potomac River this week, not far from local swimming holes.


Tourist Dies Of Shark Attack In Hawaii, Part Of Alarming Rise

Jana Lutteropp, a 20-year-old from Germany, lost her arm in the attack during a snorkeling trip last Wednesday. She is the first person to die from a shark attack in Hawaii in more than nine years.

Where The Whale Sharks Go

A nine-year study tracked more than 800 of the massive and largely mysterious whale sharks. For the first time, researchers have tracked the sharks' far-flung migration and where they may go to give birth.

Inside The Beef Industry's Battle Over Growth-Promotion Drugs

Beta agonists, a class of drugs widely fed to cattle and hogs to make them put on weight faster, are coming under increasing scrutiny. Reports suggest animals fed these drugs can seem reluctant to move — lethargic, unable to walk properly — and may die more often, too.

Deadly Middle East Coronavirus Found In An Egyptian Tomb Bat

Just a fragment of genes in bat guano was enough for researchers trying to find out how a deadly new virus spreads. It's the first time the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus has been found in an animal, and offers strong evidence that bats carry the virus.

On A Rocky Maine Island, Puffins Are Making A Tenuous Comeback

The windswept island about 6 miles off the coast was a haven for a hugely diverse bird population until fishermen decimated the birds' ranks. Puffins have been successfully reintroduced to Eastern Egg Rock, but warming ocean waters may be threatening their ability to survive.

Detroit's Stray Dog Epidemic: 50,000 Or More Roam The City

Pit bulls dominate the population. But smaller, aggressive dogs are problems as well. "It's like Chihuahuaville," one mail carrier tells Bloomberg News of a neighborhood on her route.