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WATCH: Surfer In South Africa Narrowly Escapes Shark

During a World Surf League competition in Jeffreys Bay that was broadcast live on television, Australian surfer Mick Fanning has a heart-stopping moment.


Alzheimer's Drugs In The Works Might Treat Other Diseases, Too

By targeting the process that creates toxic clumps of protein in brain cells, scientists hope to help not just Alzheimer's patients, but perhaps also people with Lewy body dementia and Parkinson's.

Birds, Bees And The Power Of Sex Appeal: The Ribald Lives Of Flowers

They're billboards for sexual favors, says ecologist Stephen Buchmann. But get your minds out of the dirt: We're talking pollination — and it's played a surprising role in global trade and history.

A Siberian Town Throws A Party For Pests — And Masochists

Many towns hold festivals to celebrate a famed native son or daughter, or its dominant agricultural product. In Berezniki, Russia, they celebrate mosquitoes — partly by getting bitten by them. A lot.

Plantigrade Pastry Purloiner Persnickety

A Colorado bakery recently found itself relieved of 24 pies in an overnight heist. But the ursine rapine left one type of tart behind.

Little Hero, Big Screen: The Entomology Of 'Ant-Man'

In Ant-Man, the latest Marvel Studios superhero movie, filmmakers had to portray the tiny insects as realistic, yet relatable. Two ant scientists weigh in on whether the attempt was successful.
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Are 100-Pound Catfish Coming To The Potomac Or Are They Already Here?

Decades after the U.S. government introduced non-native Blue Catfish to local waterways, scientists worry these hefty creatures may be harming the ecosystem.


Stab It With A Dinglehopper! Seagull Goes After Eagle In Alaska

After the raptor snagged a fellow seagull, it had to fend off others of the species to keep its meal.

Chicken Owners Brood Over CDC Advice Not To Kiss, Cuddle Birds

The health agency says kissing and cuddling chickens could be contributing to outbreaks of salmonella. But backyard chicken owners aren't about to lay off the birds.

Florida Sea Turtles Stage Amazing Comeback

When scientists first started counting the nests of green sea turtles in one area in the 1980s, they found fewer than 40 nests. In their last check, they counted almost 12,000.