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Gardening and Climate Change

With extreme weather becoming the norm, gardeners have to reconsider plant choices and garden care. We explore how the urban and suburban gardener can adapt to climate change, and even help offset some of its effects.


Grand Canyon Officials Want To Evict Bison From Park

There's an estimated 350 bison living in Grand Canyon National Park. The herd has grown too big and is overgrazing park land, draining already low water resources and trampling archaeological sites.

Alaska Man's Job Is To Keep Skies Bird-Free For Airplane Takeoffs

Keeping birds off the runways is especially challenging in parts of southeast Alaska. After 2 Alaska Airline jets collided with eagles on takeoff, the city of Sitka hired a man to keep the birds away.

Canada Loses Fight Against EU Ban On Seal Products

The WTO has rejected Canada's appeal of a ban keeping pelts and other products from the country's seal hunt from being imported into Europe. The ban was brought on moral grounds, the EU says.

Big Flightless Birds Come From High-Flying Ancestors

We're sure glad ostriches and emus don't fly. But DNA evidence now suggests their small ancestors flew to each continent, where they evolved independently into giants with stubby wings.

Civilian Life Taught This Military Dog Some New Tricks

As a bomb-detecting dog, Zenit the German shepherd never chased his tail or dug holes. Those are skills he learned after he was adopted by his former professional partner, Cpl. Jose Armenta.

Border Collies Enlisted To Clean Beaches

Research suggests border collies help keep beaches clean by chasing away gulls that leaving their droppings in the sand and on water.

For A Showman Larger Than Life, An Even Bigger Best Friend

Growing up, Ivor David Balding said that he would one day own an elephant. A lifetime later, the long-time circus showman leaves behind his best, and biggest, friend: an African elephant named Flora.

Medicine Needs More Research On Female Animals, NIH Says

A bias toward using male lab animals and tissue samples from males may be limiting the effectiveness of medical research, according to top officials at NIH. They'll roll out new guidelines this fall.

Why This Octopus Isn't Stuck-Up

Some chemical in octopus skin acts as a repellent to the little suction cups on the arms, a surprise finding shows. Without it, the eight-armed creature would tie itself in knots.