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What We Can Learn From A Herd Of Hungry Goats

They didn't quite break the internet, but the video of 700 goats on their way to a snack is definitely having a moment. We wanted to hear the story behind the herd.

Watching Cat Videos Serves Useful Purpose, Research Finds

A survey published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior finds that cat videos can boost a person's mood. Nearly 7,000 people were surveyed about Internet cat videos.

Gambler-Turned-Conservationist Devotes Fortune To Florida Nature Preserve

M.C. Davis made millions gambling and buying up land and mineral rights. Now, he's restoring ecosystems destroyed by agriculture and timbering in his private preserve, one of the largest in the U.S.

Red Crabs Invade Southern California Beaches In Search Of Warm Water

Due to warm ocean temperatures, tens of thousands of red crabs are invading beaches in Southern California.

To Escape Poachers, Rhinos Are Airlifted To Safer Areas

Conservationists in South Africa and Zimbabwe are relocating rhinos by airplane to safer habitats elsewhere in Africa. David Greene talks to Raoul du Toit, who runs Lowveld Rhino Trust in Zimbabwe.
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For Some Critters, City Life Only Gets More Appealing

From a White House hawk to foxes wandering among rowhomes, D.C. and its close-in suburbs are seeing more out-of-place wildlife than ever, the experts say.


Yoga Studio Tries To Find Cats Good Homes

A yoga studio in Illinois invited felines from a local no-kill shelter to show off their moves alongside the human yogis. The event raised more than $500 for the shelter.

Scientists, Fishing Fleet Team Up To Save Cod — By Listening

Atlantic cod have become scarce along the coast, though catch limits have been reduced by 80 percent. Researchers are now tracking the sound of mating cod, hoping to help fishing boats avoid them.

Instead Of Replacing Missing Body Parts, Moon Jellies Recycle

If a starfish loses a limb, a new arm buds and grows in its place. But young moon jellies have a different strategy for self-repair: Existing limbs rearrange themselves to regain symmetry.

Why MERS Is Likely To Crop Up Outside The Middle East Again

It's unknown what triggers an outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome. But scientists think the virus comes from camels. So until we stop it in animals, MERS will continue to cause trouble.