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305 Million-Year-Old Fossil A Glimpse Into The Origins Of Spiders

The main point of distinction between this creature and true spiders: It very likely could produce silk but lacked the spinnerets used by true spiders to, well, spin it, scientists say.

A Starry-Eyed 4-Step Guide To Wiping Out A Mosquito

You'd need a mosquito czar, worldwide cooperation, millions of dollars and the hope that the technology works out. Good luck!

Why Whole Foods Wants A Slower-Growing Chicken

A modern broiler, or meat chicken, grows incredibly fast. The bird suffers as a result, and some critics say its flavor does too. Now Whole Foods wants its suppliers to shift to slower-growing breeds.

Adopt A Beehive — Save A Beekeeper?

Many of the foods we eat depend on pollination from honeybees. But bees are in trouble, and so are beekeepers — replacing lost hives is expensive. Some have come up with a new source of funding.
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American Eagle Foundation Looking For Names For D.C.'s Internet-Famous Eaglets

The hatching of two baby eaglets at the U.S. National Arboretum has been watching around the country — but as they grow, this pair is going to need a couple names.


Dying Tradition: The Men Who Catch Baby Elephants

He has one elephant. He has named her "Shy Woman." And she is not just an elephant he lassoed and captured. She is his companion and confidant.

184-Year-Old Tortoise Gets His First Bath

The bath has been a long time coming for Jonathan the tortoise. Born shortly before the reign of Queen Victoria, he was first photographed in 1902 at the tender age of 70.

Using DNA Matching To Crack Down On Dog Droppings

An apartment building in Chicago wants to fine dog poop pickup scofflaws by using DNA to track down the offending canines and their masters.

Japanese Fleet Kills 333 Whales In The Antarctic

The fleet killed the minke whales over the past four months, drawing condemnation from environmentalists and the Australian government.

Chicago Cubs Cuddle Actual Cubs At Training Camp

The baseball team enjoyed a visit from two tiny bear cubs on Friday, and it was as adorable as it sounds.